Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Reason To Invite WVU To The ACC...

…sparsely attended football games and a head coach who is clearly pissed off about it and throws the entire fan base under the bus.

(Hey, coach , the WVU fan base isn’t gonna fit under the bus ‘cause the Fridge is already under there…)

West Virginia University head football coach Dana Holgorsen called out WVU fans for the sparse crowd at last Saturday's Bowling Green game and questioned whether WVU is an elite program. 

For the record, the Mountaineers won by a score of 55-10 in a cold rain. 

Here is WVU’s home attendance so far:  Marshall: 60,758, Norfolk State: 51,911, LSU: 62,056 (the largest WVU home crowd since a 2003 win over Pitt) and Bowling Green: 46,603.

With that as a frame of reference, here’s what the coach had to say:

“The funny part about it is we were all talking two weeks ago about how much of a difference the fans and the crowd make to the LSU people,” said Holgorsen during his weekly press conference. “Well, LSU played well in front of 62,000 of our people and they turned around and went home and played a 1-4 Kentucky team at noon and had 95,000 people there. You want to talk about an elite program that’s one. I don’t know about this place.”

Well, we surmise that it’s possible one could say “Well, coach, some folks have more going on in their lives than college football, and the weather was crappy and Bowling Green, is just, well, Bowling Green.”  But, we wouldn’t recommend one say that.

But Holgorsen said the weather was no excuse for fans not showing up. 

"You only get seven opportunities a year,” said a disgruntled Holgorsen. “What’s so hard about it? Is it too cold? It wasn’t too cold for our players. It wasn’t too cold for our coaches, managers or trainers. They were out there. So why did we have 20,000 less people than we had last week?”

Holgorsen said the poor attendance wasn't what he expected, based on what he had been told about WVU.

"All I heard about was how much this (WVU football) meant to everybody across the state of West Virginia and this was the NFL team here in town and we're going to be there to support you," Holgorsen said. "Having 40,000 people at a game isn't doing that."

The coach said the fan issue needs to be addressed just like any problem his team has. 

“The only thing we can do about it is fix it,” continued the first year head coach. “We do what we can every week to fix what the problems are offensively and defensively and special teams wise. What is everyone across the state of West Virginia, including the student body, doing to fix the fact that our players had to show up and play in front of crowd of 40,000 people?” 

Hey coach, in the ACC playing football in front of 40,000 is called Duke, Wake Forest and Maryland…

Jeez…take a breath…

“Are we going to have a good crowd or are we going to have nobody there? Is the weather going to be 85 and sunny or is it going to be 25 and snowy?” states Holgorsen. “It really doesn’t matter because the coaches, players and trainers and everybody else is going to be there.”

You gotta admit, as press conference tirades go, that was a pretty good one!

Clearly, Coach Holgorsen is a passionate guy who calls it like he sees it.  Evidently, basketball coach Bob Huggins has made similar comments about “crickets” inside the arena during WVU hoops games.  

The problem is simple.  There is tremendous competition for everyone’s entertainment resources (both time and money), so skipping one of seven games is hardly a crime against one’s team of choice.  If you want your fans to come to your home games, stop scheduling the Sisters Of The Poor.  Those games are fun when it’s sunny and 65, but they suck when it’s 49 and raining…It is, what it is.

However, his words do ring true as it applies to the student body: In other words,  get your hungover a** out of bed and go to the damn game.  And don’t try that “I’ve got to study” crap on us, we went to college and we know exactly what happens on a home football game weekend.  

West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen pats Julian Miller on the back in the final minutes of an NCAA college football game against Bowling Green on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011, in Morgantown, W.Va. (AP Photo/Tyler Evert)

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