Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ACC In The Polls

Clemson stayed the same, the Hokies inched up two notches, Georgia Tech one and Florida State (to no one’s surprise) has left the building in the AP Poll.

FSU's fall is particularly disconcerting to Seminole Nation considering FSU was ranked No. 6 preseason...oh yeah, and they lost to Wake and they'd tell you to a man "We NEVER lose to Wake!"

Just sayin'...

That said, the ACC still has good representation with No. 8 Clemson, No. 12 Georgia Tech and No. 19 Virginia Tech. North Carolina and Wake Forest both received votes.

Unfortunately for the ACC, Oklahoma is still undefeated, which makes it unlikely that the Tigers can find their way into any BCS Championship game conversations.  By most accounts, it come down to Oklahoma vs. the SEC

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