Tuesday, October 18, 2011


OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)
The first BCS standings came out on Sunday...No real surprises.

1. LSU .9522
2. Alabama .9519
3. Oklahoma .9301
4. Oklahoma State .8568
5. Boise State .8027
6. Wisconsin .7708
7. CLEMSON .7508
8. Stanford .7484
9. Arkansas .6263
10. Oregon .6190

Clemson could make it to the BCS Championship game, but they have to to do two things 1) win out and 2) get a bunch of help.  Right now conventional wisdom says it will be the winner of Oklahoma v. Oklahoma State against the winner of LSU v. Alabama.  

One of those winners would have to stumble as would Boise State and Wisconsin to make room for the Tigers.

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