Friday, October 28, 2011

ACC Football Links

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
By Heather Dinich/ESPN

How much credit does Mike O'Cain deserve for Virginia Tech's offensive success this season as its play-caller?

Get this: Wake Forest is playing for this year's unofficial state championship. Hokies might still win, though.

The math is simple for BC: Not enough wins, no bowl game. The pressure is on this weekend at Maryland.

It's no longer unreasonable to think Notre Dame might be interested in joining the ACC.

Think you can play better defense for Clemson? You better know your geometry.

Can FSU build upon its recent success in the running game? Jermaine Thomas would like to think so.

Hmm, what's worth more ... a national champion or two BCS bowl bids? The ACC is adding it up.

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