Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things That Make You Go…


In this case, not really.  You had to see this coming.  Folks who wagered on the Miami v. Maryland game out in Vegas or in just reopened Atlantic City ('cause that's the only place it's legal to do so!) when the line was the Canes -5* are now asking themselves one simple question "How could I be so stoooopid?"

Good question. You had to figure the NCAA would say something prior to the start of Miami's season and when they spoke, the Canes lost a handful of starters including their quarterback.  That said, Maimi can survive the suspensions, just ask North Carolina who had a bowl eligible seasons last year amid suspensions and other internal and external disciplinary actions.

However, you had to figure the line would move Maryland's way (-3), and it did.

*Point spreads provided for recreational purposes only.

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