Thursday, September 8, 2011

Media Calls Out Under Armour For Plagiarizing Roller Derby?

Eech, ooch, ouch!

Admid all the gum flapping and cyberspace chatter about Maryland’s new unis from Monday night, the blog Sports Grid points out that the design isn’t exactly “new.”  They say:

Not so fast. It turns out Maryland’s state-flag-themed helmets – really, the most striking aspect of a very striking ensemble – bear a striking resemblance to another Maryland-state-flag-themed helmet design. Who uses these other helmets? Why, none other than the Charm City Roller Girls roller derby team. Think we’re overstating the similarity?   

(Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Now apparently, Rosie on the bottom right is a bad ass so she went renegade with the all powerful “primer grey” helmet.  Two other of her teammates apparently also didn’t get the memo or the Roller Girls ran out of decals and spray paint…

Anybody know if Kevin Plank is a roller derby guy?

The Baltimore Sun also had some thoughts on this subject.

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