Friday, September 30, 2011

She Should Have Married Florida State's John Clark?

Florida State alum, big T.A.H. fan, CC Nation platinum member, and our former (and we stress the word former) football correspondent, appears to be the target of the the punch line of this AT&T television commercial.

When we first heard the tag line: "I should have married John Clark,"  the editor/publisher and the pop culture editor both said simultaneously, "No, you shouldn't have."

Then we laughed.  Then we reconsidered...after all, he was the first member of CC Nation to have a 3-D television...

Oddly enough, this add has generated some controversy, and we aren't sure why.

We apologize since this will make no sense to many of our loyal readers, but CC Nation will get a chuckle and, by God, they deserve it!

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