Thursday, September 15, 2011

Report Proves Rich Kids Get To Go To Better Colleges

U.S. News and World Report has released their annual report naming the best colleges in America amongst further discussion about the widening of the poverty gap in this country. If you're smart and you want to go to one of the top schools, you’re going to need access to the East Coast (8 of top 10) and a big bag of cash (avg tuition $40K+).

Evidently...according to the report...those Ivy League schools are pretty good. The top spot went to Harvard ($39,849 per), followed by Princeton ($37,000), Yale ($40,500), Columbia ($45,290), California Institute of Technology ($37,704), Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($40,732), Stanford ($40,569), University of Chicago ($42,783), University of Pennsylvania ($42,098) and then DUKE ($41,958).

The ACC did fairly well, and notably are the highest ranked BCS conference -- the sixth time in the past seven reports.

Notably, the ACC is the only BCS conference to place seven schools among the top 38, and it was also the only BCS conference with over half of its members in the top 50. The ACC has also had a school finish in the top 10 every year since 2006.

Take that SEC!

The ACC according to USN:
No. 10 Duke ($41.9K)
No. 25 Virginia ($11.5K in-state/$36.5K out) and Wake Forest ($41.5K)
No. 29 North Carolina ($7K in-state/$26.8K out)
No. 31 Boston College ($42.2K)
No. 36 Georgia Tech ($9.6K in-state/$27.8K out)
No. 38 Miami ($39.6)
No. 55 Maryland ($8.6K in-state/$26K out)
No. 68 Clemson ($12.6K in-state/$28K out)
No. 71 Virginia Tech ($11K in-state/$24.5K out)
No. 101 Florida State ($5.8K in-state/$20.9K out) and NC State ($7K in-state/$19.8K out)

For the full report, click here.

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