Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Friedgen Pond: Edsall Treads Not-So-Lightly On Thin Ice

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Following a torching at the hands of Temple (a team most know for being tossed out of the Big (L)East for lack of pigskin prowess), new Maryland coach Randy Edsall said winning at Maryland “is a process.”

Some took this to mean that Edsall was suggesting that the Terps, who were 9-4 last year, were in the process of rebuilding after Ralph Friedgen’s poorly-handled ousting. Did we mention the Terps were 9-4 last year?

“This is a process we are in,” he said on Saturday after the Owl butt-kicking. “It was not going to get changed overnight no matter how much I want it to.”

This did not sit well with Duke alum and well known author and columnist John”Jr.” Feinstein who torched Edsall in his most recent Washington Post column.  We concur with Jr.’s points.

Edsall addressed the media again on Tuesday and again he discussed “issues” he inherited from the previous administration.  He did not mention Friedgen by name but made it clear that the Fridge left behind some academic and disciplinary issues.

Our advice to Edsall is to shut up.  Reciting a T.A.H. mantra “It’s more important to get what you want than it is to be right,”  Edsall needs to take his first season lumps and leave all things Friedgen out of the conversation.

The Fridge, a Maryland alum, coached for 10 years and won the third most games (75) in the program’s history.

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