Thursday, September 29, 2011

FSU: Odd, Vague Charges Against Noles Reid Dropped

Down at FSU, it may not be "our time," but evidently, it’s Greg Reid’s “time.”

Prosecutors on Wednesday dropped resisting arrest and perjury charges against the Florida State cornerback and return specialist who was arrested on Monday.

State Attorney Willie Meggs said he decided not to pursue the case because Tallahassee police didn’t really need information Reid had been accused of falsifying.  (Insert joke here about Meggs being a Forida grad…We don’t know if he is or isn’t, but you get the point.)

“Our position is that he should never have been arrested,” said Tim Jansen, Reid’s lawyer. “He’s not happy that he went through this. He still believes he did nothing wrong.”

Florida State is off this Saturday, but coach Jimbo Fisher said Reid will play in the Seminoles’ next game on Oct. 8 at Wake Forest.

“I’m very relieved,” said Fisher, who had not previously commented on the arrest. “Like I said, you never make a statement until you find out all the facts.”

Reid, 21, had been charged with lying to protect a friend from his hometown of Valdosta, Ga. Police stopped Rontel Frazier while he was driving Reid’s motor scooter because it didn’t have a license plate.

Frazier also didn’t have a driver’s license, and he escaped from the officers before they could identify him. Officers later contacted Reid and he met them at the scene.

“While it was clear that several acquaintances of Reid had access to his scooter, Reid was less than forthcoming as to who was operating his scooter that night,” Meggs said. “In other words, he didn’t want to dime out his friend.”

Really? In Florida, the state attorney says “dime out?”

Nothings says “good use of the state’s resources” like going CSI Tallahassee to catch a kid riding a scooter.  We're sure there are some murder, rape and robbery victims in the area who are delighted with how the local constables are spending their crime fighting time…

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