Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Florida State Was Once A Uni Trend Setter

Fueled by Under Armour’s desire to compete with Nike, Maryland unveiled to varying reviews a new uniform a few weeks ago that rivaled Oregon’s swoosh unis in terms of edginess. 

The new uniform look has been going on for a few years now, but certain coaches and teams have dabbled into fashion design for many years.

Former Florida State coach Bill Peterson designed some helmets of his own…

According to

"Peterson, who guided the Seminoles from 1960-70, introduced a new helmet for nearly every season that he was on the FSU sideline.

In 1962, Peterson took it to another level, introducing what has been dubbed a “helmet platoon.” The Seminoles had three different lids for their offensive, defensive and two-way players that season, according to

The website revealed that Peterson saw his two-way players as the team’s premiere unit – or “The Chiefs” – meaning that the players in that unit wore a large Indian head logo (right) on both sides of their lids.

Those players who appeared strictly on offense were the “The War Party,” a group that sported a thin arrow on the helmets. Finally, the defensive unit. or “The Renegades,” could be identified by the tomahawk logos on the lids.

It was a unique approach, one that we haven’t seen catch on before or since.

The Seminoles posted a 4-3-3 record in 1962, when Peterson introduced his three-headed design scheme after the team’s third game."

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