Monday, August 29, 2011

Down Goes Miami, Part 7: Prez Shalala In Pain

(Edited from AP) Miami President Donna Shalala said it’s been “quite painful” dealing with the scandal that could once again blacken the name of the university’s athletic department for years to come.

“These past two weeks have been quite painful for me,” Shalala wrote in a letter published in Sunday’s editions of The Miami Herald. “It is way too early to know all of the details … but the allegations alone cause serious concerns.”

She added: “Here’s my commitment: I will do, and we will do, everything possible to find the truth, learn from any mistakes and take measures to prevent any such behavior from happening again.”

(In the most recent Sports Illustrated, writer Alexander Wolff  wrote a letter to Shalala saying the “measure” she should take is to shut down the football program.)

Shalala said athletic director Shawn Eichorst is reviewing Miami’s policies and procedures relating to compliance, and that rules changes were possible.

“If we do all this right—and we will—we will take the necessary actions to make sure we have the most compliant program possible,” Shalala wrote. “If we do this right—and we will—we will move on stronger and be better prepared for the future.”

The letter marks the third time Shalala has issued a statement about the scandal. Aside from one interview with student media at the university, she hasn’t been available for questions.

“We have committed to the NCAA every possible resource to get to the bottom of all this,” Shalala wrote. “We promised the NCAA we would not comment on any specifics until the investigation runs its course. We continue to honor that commitment.”

To read the letter, click here.

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