Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Snyder

Dear Mr. Snyder:

You’re killin’ us. AGAIN.

But how is that different from years past…hmmm, it isn’t.

More specifically, the Shenanigan-hans seem to be rapidly turning into a Snyderesque nightmare of their own.  If the Donovan McNabb fiasco and refusal to take any responsibility is the cake and the Albert Hayensworth debacle is the icing, then what the heck are we going to call the now soon-to-be festering John Beck SITUATION?  (We aren’t going to call it “The Situation” cause that is already the moniker for something RIDICULOUS and STUPID.)

Kudos to all for getting both McNabb and Hayensworth out of Ashburn prior to the AFC Cental champs rolling into town.

Kudos to the oft-maligned Rex Grossman for looking heroic in the preseason opener completing 19 of 26 passes for 207 yards and a touchdown and a QB rating of something like 4,000.

As gun shy as we weary Redskins fans are, that 16-7 win over the Steelers combined with Grossman’s accuracy and new running back Hightower’s slashing and punishing performance allowed just a tiny hint of optimism to creep into our MISERABLE little football lives.

Hey, even that crazy new-fangled 3-4 defense that can’t possibly work in the smashmouth NFC East (just KIDDING!) looked better. Last year it was London Fletcher, DeAngelo Hall, Brian Orakpo and eight guys named Mo…not so good.  But some shrewd offseason maneuvering seems to have filled some personnel needs well suited to the scheme.  That APPEARS to be well played. 

Perhaps the Shenanigan-hans simply can’t stand success?

Our approach is constant: It is more important to get what you want than it is to be right.

We aren’t sure the Shenanigan-hans believe in the OPPOSITE approach.

On Monday, we learn via the Washington Post’s Jason Reid that John Beck is going to be the starting quarterback – it’s his job to lose.

Let me say this for every single fan of the Washington Redskins:  Who the F**K is John Beck?

Wait, don’t say it – we’ll answer for you. According to Reid: Mike and Kyle were enamored of Beck during his college days at Brigham Young University. They continued to admire him from afar throughout his first three nondescript NFL seasons, during which he played in only five regular season games — none since 2007.

Now the Shenanigan-hans may be right. Lord knows they rang the bell on that McNabb deal, but the jury is still way out on Beck.

Yes, he has a NFLquarterback’s pedigree right?  Seriously, BYU cranks out NFL QBs like crazy. Just look at the past twenty years and you see names like Max Hall, Beck, Matt Berry, Bret Engeman, Brandon Doman, Charlie Peterson, Kevin Feterik, Steve Sarkisian, John Walsh and Ty Detmer.

Really? These guys aren’t even in the Mormon Football Hall of Fame not to mention the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, BYU produced Super Bowl winners Steve Young and Jim McMahon – both from the 1980’S.

Can’t wait until Friday’s game to see the pre-ordained star of the future SHINE (on you crazy diamond)!

We are all hoping the Shenanigan-hans are right. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long season. 

Beck hasn’t played since 2007 and he’s only played in five regular season games since entering the league four years ago.  Call us skeptical, but if he’s so good, why hasn’t some OTHER coach handed him the team and the ball? (Is it possible that the Shenanigan-hans are simply smarter than all of their contemporaries…? How cool would that BE?)

Just askin’?

(Seriously, we hope Beck is GREAT and he is the Skins’ QB for the next ten years, but it seems like the way thing are done in Ashburn are always WEIRD.)

To read Reid’s article, click here.

Your Loyal Fan

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