Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UNC Football And Cars Prove To Be A Bad Combination

Greg "Handicap Space" Little
The ongoing scandal at Ohio State now includes cars given to players or otherwise procured in a manner that puts the Buckeyes further afoul of NCAA rules.

In Chapel Hill, where the NCAA has been plenty busy of late nosing around Butch Davis’ Tar Heel football team, the problem isn’t who owns the cars or how the players got them, but where they park.

A recent court order that required the University to public records involving the school’s football program, it has been revealed that a handful of UNC football players racked up an impressive 395 parking tickets over a 3.5 year span.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer, fewer than 12 football players tallied 395 parking violations from March 2007 through August 2010.  The tickets led to fines totaling $13,125 and all but about 30 have been paid.

A few of the players incapable of finding a legal spot include:

Greg Little, a former wide receiver who was one of two players ruled permanently ineligible last season for violations of NCAA agent benefits, preferential treatment and ethical conduct rules, appears to have been responsible for 93 tickets and still owes $125.

Nice, Greg, NICE!

Ryan Houston, a tailback who redshirted last season, has 74 tickets. He apparently owes $740.
Marvin Austin, a defensive tackle who was dismissed from the team last season, has 68 tickets.
Linebacker Bruce Carter had 10 tickets and owes $700.

Nice, Ryan, NICE!

Records also show that Little and Marvin Austin were cited a combined four times for parking in handicapped spaces.

Nice, Marvin, NICE!

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