Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things That Make You Go…


Kind of a slow news time here at T.A.H. Worldwide Media LLC headquarters.  NCAA baseball, NBA playoffs, some sport called hockey, no Triple Crown in horseracing…Not much to inspire publication.

That said, we need to get our series moving forward again on The Streak where we put the Clemson basketball losing streak in Chapel Hill in historic perspective.

And speaking of history, yesterday via Facebook and a friend in Lexington, KY (die hard UK fan), we learned that the American Revolution and ultimately Paul Revere’s historic ride was really about gun control. 

Here’s a tip, loyal readers.  If you go out on tour to jump start your delusional presidential campaign under the guise of celebrating the nation’s history, it’s helpful if you know a little of the history…


We don’t normally talk the Big P (politics) here at T.A.H., but if Palin is ever the leader of the free world, T.A.H. Worldwide Media may be forced to relocate to someplace much less free…with better weather, of course.  Sorry, Canada, too cold.

Or…like Paul Revere (according to Palin), we will ride through the streets of beautiful and historic Warrenton ringing bells and firing shots to warn our fellow citizens that the government is coming to take our guns. 

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