Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old News Part 3: UNC Releases Names Of Parking Violators

Can't be all that much fun over at Butch Davis' house these days as his employer has identified eight football players who accumulated 317 parking tickets that were uncovered in documents requested by media outlets covering the ongoing NCAA probe.

The school released a chart Friday that links those players’ names to their license plate numbers on vehicles that included a Land Rover, BMW and an Acura.

A week ago, the school released records that showed some players combined for 395 citations totaling more than $13,000 between March 2007 and August 2010.

The newest release showed receiver Greg Little had 93 tickets on multiple vehicles with nine different license plates.

The other players identified were linebacker Bruce Carter; defensive backs Charles Brown, Kendrick Burney and Deunta Williams; defensive lineman Robert Quinn and running backs Johnny White and Ryan Houston.

The names of those whose cars received the other 78 citations were not identified by the school.

Now, if you are terrifically board or you have an obsessive anal hate for North Carolina (oh yeah, Duke and State fans, we are talking to you!) you can research this player-by-player on a data base compiled by the Raleigh News & Observer. 

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