Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) Crack Down Hard On OSU’s Jim Tressel

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Reversing their trend of issuing a minor penalty or no penalty at all for major violations by big time BCS football programs, the NCAA/Suits in Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) have dropped a bomb on Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel for his punishment for not revealing his knowledge of his players’ NCAA violations.

Brace yourself, the regulators of the sport are going to  make Coach Sweater Vest attend a five-day compliance seminar in June in Tampa, Fla.


Sources close to both T.A.H. and the NCAA, tell us that the seminar will be held at a waterfront resort, but that Tressel will have to wear his sweater vest for both indoor and outdoor sessions.

One of the topics of the compliance seminar—one of two put on by the NCAA this summer—is “Division I Major Infractions.”

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Others include “Keeping Your Glasses Clean in November,” "Sweater Vests For Tough Guys" and “Sorting Your Closet by Scarlet and Gray.”  The optional courses include “What Tatoos Really Mean” and “How Much Did You Pay For That Jersey?”

Sources close to Tressel say the head coach was hoping for a session titled “How To Win A BCS Bowl Game” and “NCAA Infractions For Dummies.”

Seriously, the dude has to go to a seminar.  To read more, click here.

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