Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Snyder

Niles Paul WIDE RECEIVER (Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Dear Mr. Snyder:

It sure was fun having all those draft picks.  We don’t recall the Skins having 12 picks since before George Allen was coach.  

(If you aren’t old enough to remember Allen, he was former Virginia Governor George F. Allen’s father and he took the Redskins (11-3) to the Super Bowl to be the final victim of Miami’s 17-0 undefeated season in 1972.  He liked veteran players and hated rookies.  His motto was “The Future Is Now,” and he gave away draft choices like they were mouse pads. He once gave up two third round draft picks for a trainer who was really good at taping ankles.)

That said it, was great getting a dozen new potential players although we don’t recall when drafting offensive linemen (to fill the gaps on our currently, old, injured and depleted offensive line) fell out of favor.  We always thought drafting wide receivers was dodgy, but Coach Shanny went for three of them.

Maurice Hurt (Stephen M. Dowell)
The tenth player chosen by the Redskins was Maurice Hurt, a 6-3 , 318 lbs Guard, out of Florida.  He was the 217th player taken during the seventh round and, no doubt, the Skins brain trust was probably surprised that they still had picks remaining!  

“Who us? We’re still drafting, oh crap, we’re on the clock!”

Hurt played both guard positions for the Gators and he tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine.  (“How about the pot smoker kid from Florida?”) A one-time error in judgment we’re quite sure. 

Never mind that the one-time error in judgment came just prior to the most important event in his soon-to-be professional career when he knew he would be tested…


Anyway, we digress.  The actual purpose of this note was to let you know that that Auburn, not Nebraska, won the BCS College Football National Championship. The Redskins appeared to be somewhat confused about this matter.

Not Nebraska! (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
The Tigers were undefeated and led by Heisman Trophy winner and NFL number one overall draft pick Cam Newton.  They defeated Oregon in the BCS Championship game.  

Nebraska did not win the National Championship.  They finished 10-4.  They were defeated by Washington in the Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl.  They are coached by some dude named Bo.

We remain perplexed as to how you could have confused these two schools, but after drafting three players from Nebraska (Roy Helu RB, DeJon Gomes S and Niles Paul WR), we believe some confusion does, in fact, exist.

We point this out to avoid similar situations we have all unfortunately faced before.

Roy Helu (Jamie Squires/Getty Images)
It goes like this:  You do something.  The media accurately reports what you do.  You get mad.  You call your attorneys and we are all racing along on the litigation superhighway…

Faces are made, names are called, checks are written, yada yada yada…

Go Huskers!

Your Loyal Fan 

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