Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ACC Smarter Than Big East, But We Already Knew That

(Photo courtesy of Gawker and Jason Hettenbaugh)

T.A.H. Worldwide Media Pop Culture Editor Young A.T. recently pointed out an item sub-titled “OOPS” by Max Read over at Gawker.  Read points out a small slip up at prestigious Georgetown.  Of course, our version of the Hoyas, Duke, would never make such a mistake...

“We're not, obviously, in a great position to criticize the typographical errors of others; on the other hand, we're not an accredited institution of higher learning.”
We would like to echo what Read said, as we too have no room to talk when it comes to typos and the like...but...

Nice, Georgetown, NIEC!

(Editors Note: That "NIEC" is a joke, we know you know that…right?)

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