Friday, April 8, 2011

Yow v. Williams: What Other (Cleary Less Angry) Journalist Are Saying

Scott Van Pelt, on ESPN 980: “I don’t know what to say. I’ve never seen it before. I think you completely marginalized Mark Gottfried, and I think it’s remarkable that you’d say that. The Gregg Doyel piece of it, I think she was expecting an article to be coming. My understanding [is] I don’t think that’s coming. I don’t know why you’d ever say something like that. If you think that you were gonna get Rick Barnes or Sean Miller or somebody like that and you didn’t because Gary Williams told him not to go, then you’re out of your mind."

“But whatever. She marginalizes her coach and I think doesn’t really honor herself in the process...”

(Phil Hoffman Photo)
John Feinstein, on Comcast SportsNet: “First of all, does she really think that Gary Williams had to make any phone calls for people to know that the two of them didn’t get along for 16 years? I mean, that was the worst kept secret since the break in at Watergate, for crying out loud.

“But beyond that, you’re sitting there, you’re introducing your new coach, and you say Gary Williams sabotaged my search? That’s like saying, hey, this is the best I could do, because Gary Williams was calling around. And Mark Gottfried has got to be sitting there thinking, you know what, Gary Williams may have been right, if this is the kind of thing my new boss is saying....

Doug Gottlieb, ESPN Radio: “There’s also the perception that she cares as much or more about women’s basketball than she does men’s basketball. And if you really want truths, the truth is that guys don’t want to coach for a female athletic director who likes women’s college basketball as much or more as men’s college basketball…"

“The other thing no one’s saying is that though Gary Williams may in her mind have sabotaged her search, the biggest thing that sabotages her search is that Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski are in the same eight-mile radius as her school. So in addition to not wanting to work for her, not wanting to work for somebody who likes women's athletics as much as men’s athletics, they don’t want to have to coach four times a year against two Hall of Famers who are in their prime and their programs are rolling.”

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