Friday, April 29, 2011

Three ACC Players Chosen In First Round Of NFL Draft

Christian Ponder
As if the league and the players haven’t already buggered up things enough, now they have also (with the help of TV crack-partner ESPN) managed to take what little drama there was out of the first round of the NFL draft. 

Last night, prior to NFL Commish Roger Goodell announcing the draft pick, our friends in Bristol, CN showed the player flashing big smiles and RIDICULOUS bling as team’s called players to tell them they were going to draft them…Really?  So by the time, the Commish ambled to the podium serenaded by a chorus of consistent boos, the cat (and his diamond encrusted watch) was literally out of the bag.


That said, Florida State’s Christian Ponder was the first ACC player taken when he was drafted 12th by the Minnesota Vikings.  Wait until he learns that Brett Favre is down in Mississippi planning yet another ill-fated comeback.

Robert Quinn
North Carolina Defensive End Robert Quinn was the next to go.  After a year’s sponsored vacation courtesy of UNC and the Suits In Indianapolis (formerly Kansas), Quinn is headed to Miami.

Boston College Offensive Tackle Anthony Castonzo was chosen 22nd by the Indianapolis Colts.  Nice gig there – pass blocking for Peyton Manning and run blocking…well…almost never.

Round two of the NFL draft gets underway tonight at 6 pm. 

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