Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things That Make You Go…

Royal Tea Stuff

Obviously, nobody affiliated with T.A.H. Worldwide Media scored an invite to the Royal Wedding tomorrow in Westminster Abbey in London (we hope it rains).   Now in all honestly, (we hope it rains) we understand why British royalty would have little use, and even less interest, in hob-nobbing with a top flight journalist from an American collegiate sports league’s "smart-arse" blog.

We surmise it has something to do with our lack of interest in all things Premier League...well except the Hotspurs, which is a cool name.

Mind you, T.A.H. has been called the ACC’s “blog of record,” so you would think that the Queen (with whom we share a recreational and professional interest in Sport of Kings [and Queens]), could see clear to extend us a Skype Invite (we hope it rains) at the very least.

Royal Condoms
(Really, look below, we’re giving badminton  some love for crying out loud! )

(Inside joke: “Is it a shuttlecock?”)

Anyway, enough grousing about where we should or shouldn’t, do or do not, want or don’t want to stand in the world’s social pecking order, here is the entirety of our Royal Wedding coverage here at T.A.H.

Did we mention that we hope it rains?

Just kiddin’.

Royal Barf Bag (see photo below)
So for your viewing pleasure (his and hers), we have put together this nice little compilation of Royal Wedding memorabilia worthy of a rock solid “Hmmm.”

Royal Pizza (see barf bag above)

To see more - and we have absolutley no idea why in the world ANYBODY would want to - click here

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