Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quote Of The Day

“We can count at our school. We are obviously the mathematicians, the scientists. We don’t have to estimate or guesstimate. We’ll give you the exact figure of who shows up.” – N.C. State coach Tom O’Brien.

This item comes from Fayetteville Wolfpack Club Caravan stop where the Wolfpack coach questioned the estimates given by the News-Observer and WRAL concerning the crowd at the UNC spring football game.  Both media outlets estimated the crowd at 15,500.

Mind you, it is classic rivalry sniveling of minimal importance, but it's better than more off-season news about money, crime and NCAA investigations...yes?

One fan of Wolfpack Nation (the blog that posted these photos) said it reminded him/her of the Christopher Walken "Census Taker" skit on Saturday Night Live.  

When asked how many people live in his apartment, Walken says something like:  "80...or maybe 4, I'm not good with numbers, estimating or guestimating..." 

If you can sit through the lame 30 second Geico commercial, it’s pretty funny…

To see it, click here.

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