Monday, April 4, 2011

Once Again, Children Across America Will Miss Another Major Sporting Event

(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America)
Will Butler, and their baby-faced coach, be the mid-major to win it all after tipping over Cinderella VCU’s stagecoach, or will UConn and embattled coach Jim Calhoun restore some cred to the Big (L)East?

To find out, you are gonna have to stay up late.  Tip for the NCAA championship game is 9:23 pm.

Add the Suits In Indianapolis to the list of sporting enterprises that no longer think it’s important to expose children to their marquis event.  While the 18-40 year old demographic is big for advertisers, every sport in America must know that their long-term viability is dependent upon generational continuity.

Of course, the NCAA and CBS will say the tournament will ALWAYS be popular so young fans don't matter.  They will figure it out in time to buy Miller Lite and/or Cialis.  But such short-sighted thinking has sabotaged other major sports.   Just ask boxing, hockey and horse racing how things are going and check in with baseball in ten more years.

The NFL remains the smart guy in the mix (as usual) with a 6:30 pm start time which appeals to both adults and kids.

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