Friday, April 1, 2011

Final Four Finally

Here on the eve of the Final Four, we take a quick moment to celebrate college basketball. 

Here are a few observations.
  • The gap between the haves (Kentucky, Connecticut) and the have nots (Butler, VCU) is obviously closing.  Parody is moving into college basketball as kids get bigger, faster and more athletic.  Gone are the days when Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina and Kansas (or similar stalwart programs) dominate the Final Four year after year.
  • In the Final Four, the city of Richmond (VCU) STILL has as many teams as the Big (L)East (UConn).
  • It will be hard to argue with the Suits In Indianapolis about the expanded tournament or the selection process now that First Four VCU has played their way into the Final Four.
  • If Kentucky figures out a way to win it all, Brandon Knight will most likely be the MVP.  He has been so far and the freshman’s numbers are very impressive.  He plays the most minutes (35.8 ppg) and scores the most points (17.3 ppg) for the Wildcats.  He shots 43% from the field, 38% from behind the arc and 79% from the charity stripe.  He has 154 assists, averaging 4.2 per game.  He also snags 3.9 rebounds per game. 

The most impressive number of all? How about Knight's GPA – 4.0.

Nice, Brandon, NICE!

Saturday, April 2:
(8) Butler vs. (11) VCU – 6:09 pm tip
(4) Kentucky vs. (3) Connecticut – 8:49 pm tip

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