Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virginia Tech And The NCAA Tournament: Everything Explained Part II

Brad Greenberg and Radford
President Penelope Kyle
Evidently, it does all come down to coaching and there is one word for why the Hokies were shut out (AGAIN) from the NCAA tournament.  Brace yourselves, the word is: Greenberg.

Wait, not Virginia Tech head basketball coach Seth Greenberg, but his brother Brad Greenberg…


You see, the Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) are upset with Greenberg – so upset  that they are subconsciously (OK, we threw that in for the legal department because the Suits have more money than T.A.H. Worldwide Media because they made $9 billion on the Big Dance this decade and we made $9 from ad revenue last month)…Where were we?

Oh yeah, the NCAA Selection Committee subconsciously penalized the Virginia Tech version of Greenberg because they didn’t get a chance to penalize his brother from Radford for HEINOUS crimes and NCAA rule VIOLATIONS he committed just down the road from Blacksburg.

Yes, the NCAA didn’t get to suspend Brad Greenberg ‘cause his school beat them to it, suspending the Highlander version of the Greenberg coaching tree for the final four games of the season for breaking the rules that govern “team travel and associated extra benefits.”

The other Greenberg
According to John Feinstein, here is what Greenberg did: He took Masse Doumbe with him to road games Radford played during Thanksgiving break and Christmas break even though he was ineligible. The NCAA had barred Doumbe from playing in the first 21 games of the season because he had played on a French team the NCAA deemed professional because one player on the team (not Doumbe) was being paid. Greenberg didn't want to leave him alone on campus during the holidays, so he brought him with the team. 

That was the impermissible travel.

The extra benefits? Meals, and a bed to sleep in.

Imagine what might have happened if he had bought the kid an ice cream cone after a team meal.

So, that explains it.  The Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) wanted to throw some heavy-handed justice of their own Greenberg’s way, but they never got a chance.  Then they got distracted by the NCAA tournament and…EUREKA!...a solution presented itself…

Hey…He’s got a brother at Virginia Tech…

Hmmm…How convenient…


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