Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. John’s Victory Over Rutgers In Big East Tourney Ends In Chaos

Before the ACC tournament gets underway and the annual whinefest about bad officiating gets underway, take a quick look at this.

Yesterday’s St. Johns v. Rugers games is being described by many as an instant classic with as bizarre an ending as you may have ever seen.

After a series of controversial calls, down two points Rutgers inbounds the ball with 4.9 seconds remaining.  St. John’s steals the ball and Justin Brownlee dribbles toward the sideline.  This is where it gets interesting…

Brownlee stopped dribbling two steps before the sideline. With his third step he goes out of bounds.  Then to really mix it up, he threw the ball into the stands.  Problem was there was 1.7 seconds left on the clock when he stepped out of bounds (never mind the previous uncalled traveling violation). Oh yeah, and the technical foul for throwing the ball into the crowd...

“I just let my emotions get to me. I was just trying to throw it up so the time would expire,” Brownlee said. “Unfortunately I threw it too early. Fortunately time did expire and we came up with the win.”

Yes, fortunately for the Johnnies, time did expire, but clearly it should not have…

Forty minutes after the game, the Big East Commissioner issued a statement saying that two officiating errors had occurred. 

"The Big East Conference acknowledges that two separate officiating errors occurred at the conclusion of the St. John's vs. Rutgers game," Big East commissioner John Marinatto said in a statement. "Both missed violations that should have caused the game clock to stop and a change of possession to occur prior to the end of the game. Neither error is reviewable or correctable under NCAA rules."

There was no sign of the statement on the Big East website nor was there any mention of the ending of the game in the recap which was the first five paragraphs of the AP wire story. 

To read more, click here

Here’s the video…advance it to the 1:24 mark to see the final play and the chaos that ensued.

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