Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speaking of Crazy

Isn't it nice to wake up every morning this week and be reminded that you are reasonably sane?

If you have been watching, and more importantly listening, to the ravings of the “rock star from Mars” know to the rest of us as Charlie Sheen, you have learned that one can actually be crazier off drugs than on them! Who knew?

With that as preface, this photo  seemed the perfect way to start a crazy day as part of a crazy week that started last Saturday when the Hokies knocked off Duke…

What?  What was that loud noise?

(Evidently, that loud thud was just the Hokies coming back to earth in a rather noisy heap…)

Here Sheen, who we now know has delusions of grandeur in ways “a normal brain can’t process” (thank goodness!) equal to or greater than some of our biggest sports’ stars, is chillin' with another famous King of Vice.

Yes, sir, here’s "Adonis’s’ DNA" sitting next to the one and only Pete “I Never Gambled On Baseball…OK, Maybe I Did, PLEEEEEZ PLEEEZ PLEEEEEZ Put Me In The Hall Of Fame” Rose.  

It would appear from this 2006 photo that Rose has fallen so in love with gold (watch, bracelet, glasses and who knows what’s under that shirt) that he’s actually had his hair gilded.

Nice, Pete, NICE!

Feeling really normal now, aren’t you?

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