Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The NCAA Tournament: Everything Explained By John Feinstein

Speaking of John Feinstein, he’s on a roll.  All the more often than not, the Duke grad gets it right – especially when it comes to his two areas of expertise: golf and NCAA basketball.  OK, you can throw in Navy football, but we’re trying to go mainstream here.

In today’s Washington Post, Feinstein eloquently (as usual) points out how the Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) are buggering up the roundball version of the BCS.  He wants “accountability” and it’s pretty clear he thinks the ACC generally, and Virginia Tech specifically, got the short end of the Suit’s self-righteous Big 10 lovin’, memorabilia sellin’ stick…

His point is simple: The selection process shouldn’t be top secret; it’s not a national security issue.  Committee members can vote for UAB and against Virginia Tech and never have to explain why…

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