Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crime and Punishment: Why Isn’t the ACC Better At Football?

With five teams landing in the top 20 of criminal college football teams, why isn’t the ACC a bigger factor in annual run to the BCS National Championship Game?

Seriously…the ACC has Criminal Tech Blacksburg, Criminal State at Tallahassee, The Criminal U., Criminal Tech Atlanta and the University of North Criminal-ina -- they all landed in the top 20 of a recent Sport’s Illustrated/CBS survey of 2010 pre-season SI Top 25 football teams with players on the roster with police records of some flavor... 


The big loser was the Big (L)East's Pittsburgh at #1 with 22 players on the crime blotter, followed by Iowa (18), Arkansas (18), Boise State (16) and Penn State (16).

Iowa?  Who saw that coming?

The HOKIES led the ACC – tied for sixth with 13, followed by Wisconsin (9), Oklahoma (9),  FLORIDA STATE (tied for seventh with 9), MIAMI (tied for tenth with 8), Ohio State (7), Florida (7), Oregon (7), USC (7), Alabama (5), NORTH CAROLINA (tied for 15th with 5), Cincinnati (5), Utah (5), Nebraska (4) and GEORGIA TECH (tied for 19th with 4).

The list was rounded out with Oregon State (4), LSU (3), Texas (2), Stanford with a scant one and TCU with ZERO. Way to go Horned Frogs.  Of  course, there were plenty of other schools with various numbers, but this investigation just looked at the SI Preseason Top 25.

The unprecedented six-month investigation by Sports Illustrated and CBS News involved conducting criminal background checks on every player -- 2,837 in all -- on the preseason rosters of those 25 teams. Players' names, dates of birth and other vital information were checked at 31 courthouses and through 25 law enforcement agencies in 17 states. Players were also checked through one or more online databases that track criminal records. In all, 7,030 individual record checks were reviewed.

In all, seven percent of the players in the preseason Top 25 -- 204 (1 of every 14) -- had been charged with, or cited for, a crime, including dozens of players with multiple arrests.

Frankly, five or less doesn’t seem like an unreasonable number when one considers the number of players on a college football team – as many as 125.

Oh well…college football: Tradition, pageantry, color, sportsmanship, student athletes preparing for the NFL…and crime.

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(Editor's Note: It should come as no shock to loyal followers of T.A.H., that the link to this story was sent to us by a Wahoo delighted by the Hokies prominent place on the list!.  Subject line of email: "Va Tech is #6 !!!!!!!!!" Hey, it's rivalry week.  As the Rock Star from Mars says "Bring it!")

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