Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another T.A.H. Update

We had so much fun yesterday looking back through old T.A.H. posts, we decided to include a new feature called T.A.H. Sort Of Instant Semi-Classics From Back In (Good Old?) Days.

So…Here we go from December 8, 2005:

PERENNIAL NIT PARTICIPANT FORDHAM DEFEATS UVA 62-60 - The Fordham Rams, who were long a staple of the pre-1970’s NIT and who have made a grand total of three appearances to the NCAA tournament (1951, 1971, 1991 – evenly spaced you must admit – and due back in 2011), needed a last second shot from walk-on Nick Vita to defeat the Wahoos. 

Vita, who last year was playing for another perennial powerhouse – the University of California-Santa Cruz, a NCAA Division III team – banked  home a shot with 3.4 seconds remaining to break a 60-60 tie. 
The game was the first win for a Fordham team over an ACC school since January 4, 1967. 

Woe-Hoo head coach Craig “Kapalu” Lai-toe said, “We’re not good.”

UNJD WHIPS UP ON IVY LEAGUERS - J.J. Redick scored 24 points to move up to ninth on the all-time Duke scoring list, Shelden Williams added 20 and the top-ranked Blue Devils prepared for their matchup with second-ranked Texas by beating Penn in Durham. 

The Cameron Crazies shouted “not Virginia Tech” during the entire game.  Sean “Knocked It Down” Dockery had 11 points for Duke (8-0), and freshman Josh McRoberts finished with eight points, seven rebounds, four steals and two blocks following a motivational speech from Redick late in the first half. 

After McRoberts missed the first of two free throws, Redick walked from his spot near the three-point line and got in his face.  “Coach Krzcmbmnuhks8ski told me to tell you that you’re a Dookie – you’re smart, you’re white, you’re ugly, you’re slow and there is no way in hell you will make it in the NBA…sooooo, you better get your f&%#ing head in this game at this level cause your toast when you f&%#ing leave here!”

(Editor’s Note: The “Knocked It Down” reference goes back to Dockery’s half-court heave that narrowly defeated the upstart Hokies three days prior.  After making the lucky game winner from 45 feet away, Dockery said "I knew I had plenty of time. I had confidence in the shot and I knocked it down." The Hokies got revenge in February with an upset win at Cassell Coliseum.)

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