Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All In The Family

Louis Farrakhan and his wife, Khadijah
University of Virginia guard Mustapha Farrakhan has rounded into a solid player during his career in Charlottesville.  So, most days it is forgotten that he is the grandson of Reverend Louis Farrakhan, the founder of the Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan points out yesterday in a Washington Post article that his famous grandfather has never been an issue or a point of definition in Charlottesville noting “his family's notoriety never has come up in discussions with teammates and that his ancestry has not been an issue around campus during his stay at Virginia.”

Flying under the radar is a little tougher on one day each year when Grandad Farrakhan holds an annual event known as Saviour’s Day in Chicago.  Sunday, in front of a sold out crowd of more than 18,000, Reverend Farrakhan delivered the keynote address – all four hours of it.

The good news for anybody who’s professing any concept less than mainstream is that Charlie Sheen can’t stop talking and the media can’t get enough of his special brand of crazy.  Hence you may not have heard about Reverend Farrakhan’s latest filibuster.

He made some headlines by saying that now-more-than-ever seemingly crazy Libyan dictator  Moammar Gadhafi "has always been a friend and he won't distance himself from" him.   

Add to that:
Rihanna gettin' all...filthy(?)
  • He's been checking out Scientology lately. He likes it, and according to Farrakhan, L. Ron Hubbard is "so exceedingly valuable to every white person on this earth."
  • He said the way Rihanna performs is "filthy" and you are "swine" if you like her.
  • He warned that “non-believers and the sinful would face the wrath of God through high-technology UFOs."

Alas, no advice for how to improve his grandson’s team’s woeful shooting (25% 6-24 in the second half against Boston College on Saturday).

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