Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things That Make You Go…


We are seriously hoping that this doesn’t start a trend.

The Oregon Ducks basketball program has outdone Boise St. football for the most outlandish, outrageous, ugliest albeit innovative surface in college sports.   

Kilkenny Floor, named for longtime University of Oregon supporter Pat Kilkenny, features the words "Deep In The Woods" painted below a giant midcourt "O" and the word "Matt" which looks a giant green stonehenge.  The court is inside the new Matt Knight Arena which is named after its designer, Matthew Knight.

According to, the court's graphics depict Morrow County and Heppner, Oregon where Kilkenny was raised, three shamrocks in honor of his Irish heritage, and a sunset beach scene in honor of San Diego, where Kilkenny resides today.  

And lots and lots of trees in honor of Oregon's 1939 NCAA Championship basketball team called the "Tall Firs".

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  1. Hi, do you still have the source website where you found the first picture of the floor? I'd like to use it on a University website. Please email me at

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