Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Player's Mom(?) (Allegedly) On Internet Rampage

Yesterday there was a fair amount of email chatter in Tar Heel Nation about a comment posted (allegedly) by a recent UNC's departed player's mother over at  If it was legit, Mrs. Mother-of-Recently-Departed Player is full-blown crazy…If not, shame on somebody for dragging a college kid and his family through such crap.

Long in short was that now recently departed player would prove his greatness on the court this year (the post appears to have been written prior to the start of the season), and the sentence structure was bound for the Crazy Sentence Hall of Fame.

She was angry because somebody’s parents (Kendall Marshall’s ?) were overweight and according to (either the real or imagined) Mrs.  Mother-of-Recently-Departed Player “OBESE” people can’t produce athletes. To his critics she signed off with “He is a natural athelete without an OBESE FATHER or and OBESE MOTHER. Sit down while you watch him this year. He would hate for you to have a heart attack and kill over when you are so disappointed that with what you WISH FOR HIM.,,,WILL NEVER COME TRUE FOR YOU!"*

P.S. Who are these Hatians of whom she speaks and did something bad happen to their hats?

Evidently…Mrs. Mother-of-Recently-Departed Player (allegedly) would like to buy a vowel…

Our advice:  If your lookin’ to get your kid a D1 scholarship at a new school after quitting UNC mid-season, don’t tweet…or post…or talk to anybody…

You’re NOT helping, MOM!

*Items in italics may not be true. Shoot, the whole story may not be true, we're just passing it along...

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