Thursday, February 3, 2011

FSU Boasts Best Recruiting Class in ACC

But, of course, we get emails from Noles Nation saying, “That Jimbo, he can recruit, but can he coach them?

Holy cow, Batman…a couple Christian Ponders and everybody gets all cynical.

The headlines at ESPN and Yahoo! Sports both say that Florida State has the best incoming class in the country…and, subsequently,  the ACC. 

The top prospect is a kid named Karlos Williams who’s a safety . Rumor has it he’s 6’10”, weighs a rock hard 304 lbs,  has a 9-foot wing span, a 69-inch vertical leap and runs at 3.98 40-yard dash.  Oh, and he has -560% body fat.  He also enjoys an IQ of 4000 and he made 1601 on his S.A.T.s (he correctly answered  the extra credit question about the donuts.) 

Williams (allegedly) turned down USC  because Southern California coeds are, in his words, “too hot” and an opportunity to attend Harvard because “it’s too damn cold, and their football team sucks…err…I mean fails to maintain a standard equal to the top programs which annually compete for the BCS Championship while nurturing  students athletes of great character who someday will make amazing economic and social contributions thanks to super-gainful employment and stardom in the NFL.”

Or something like that…

According to ESPN, the recruiting classes shake out like this: 1) FSU, 2) Clemson, 3) North Carolina, 4) Virginia, 5) Miami, 6) Boston College, 7) Georgia Tech, 8) Duke, 9) Maryland, 10) Virginia Tech, 11) Wake Forest and 12) N.C. State.

To get all the scoop on all the ACC schools incoming recruits via ESPN, click here.

*Items in italics may not be true. 

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