Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eagle Rock Weather Beagle Hangs Up Prognostications

The Weather Beagle in repose.
According to sources, the leading predictor of late winter and early spring weather patterns utilized here at T.A.H. Worldwide Media headquarters, Wittle Sang - the Weather Beagle, is calling it a career.

According to a press release issued this morning from Weather Beagle World Headquarters in Eagle Rock, VA:

It is that time of year again (actually the day before) and regrettably, the Weather Beagle is retiring and giving the day exclusively to the hog.  At 77 dog-years-old, she has determined her duty to society is done. The couch, a variety of beds, and one recliner will be her destiny (as if it wasn't already).

She would like to thank Bob Bob (aka Psycho Kitty), Purry Boy, Buckshot, Annie Beagle, Burrs, Picksters, Little Kitten, and, most recently, Big Head for all their support and info gathering which made all of her predictions so accurate.

She would also like to lay to rest the the false accusations that there was bad blood between her and that nasty-a** groundhog "Punxattn&#xmhytres Phil." Wasn't true.  The Weather Beagle just flat out chose not to recognize (in her words) "the fat little furry bastard".

Lastly, she would like to thank Michael Phelps for the nice retirement "package," Miley Cyrus for the new "apparatus” and President Obama for the "stimulus" package.

To read more about the Weather Beagle’s 2009 Super Bowl scandal with superstar Olympian Phelps and the furry you-know-what from Pennsylvania, click here

(Photo courtesy of the Gail Nicely International Photo Institute of Spoiled Canines)

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