Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Mr. Snyder

Me and Mr. Jones, we got a thing...
Jeez, you’re an idiot.

We have tried to be supportive.  Ok, we may have poked a bit of fun OCCASIONALLY. But in the end, we are hard core advocates of capitalism and we support the idea that you own the team and it is yours to do as you damn well please.  The Washington Redskins do not belong to the fans, the team is not part of the public domain, it is your private property.  

Subsequently, while we gently mock some of the stupid things you have done over the years, we have continued to staunchly defend your right to do stupid things as it’s YOUR team. Hey, everybody  makes (lots and lots of) mistakes.

That said, this time you may have CATAPULTED yourself directly to the front of the line for the Stupid Hall of Fame, sub-category “Painfully, Hopelessly, Permanently, You're Killin' Me Stupid.”

(Seriously, Dan, do you not have PR/media advisors who tell you not to do things that will gain little, and only make you look bad?  Do they tell you this?  Do you listen?  Well, if you do, clearly you don’t [listen, that is].)

Previously, we ran a piece about a funny article in the Washington City Paper which was a lengthy diatribe listing the many foibles suffered by the Burgundy and Gold since your purchase from the estate of the beloved Squire Cook.  Titled “The Cranky Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder” is included a photo of you with clever little devil horns and whiskers penciled in…

The story was published WAY BACK in freakin' November.

Mr. Snyder as seen by Washington City Paper
Now the Washington City Paper is not the Washington Post or the New York Post. It’s a free tabloid read by folks in Washington D.C. proper.  We are guessing it has a circulation 100,000 compared to the Washington Post at over 500,000 daily and almost 800,000 on Sunday. 

The only time we read the City Paper is when we are visiting the District and we are curious about what the artists, musicians, movie goers, club hoppers and various alternate-sexuals are up to. You know, where are all the cool people eating, drinking, dancing and hanging out?  It’s well done and spot-on for its target audience. 

We doubt that too terribly many Redskin season ticket holders or devout sport fans read it. At all, EVER.

None the less, you…EVIDENTLY…took great offense at this comedic gem.  Instead of taking your medicine for a few minutes, you decided to make a giant- lazy-worthless-free agent-style issue of it some three months later by threatening to sue City Paper and demanding that the reporter, Dave McKenna, who was responsible for what (most believe) is a pretty damn accurate record of your trials and tribulations be tossed under a Metro bus.

Enter, Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post.  Weingarten is a Giant’s FAN and he just LOVES you.  

Today he wrote an open letter to you…and, sorry to say, it’s funny too.

To read Weingarten’s story, click here.

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