Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coach K: I’m Not Complaining…

Coach K not complaining.
Duke coach Mike Krzyzpk7ski is not a fan of Sunday games.

"You know, we have three straight games starting at 3:30 [Sunday] in the ACC," Krzyzrf6ski said after the Blue Devils beat Georgia Tech. "Those would have been better on Saturday from 3:30 on. That's when fans want to be out. Then we wonder why attendance is dipping. Have you noticed attendance has been dipping? Everywhere, not so much here, but we've got to figure that whole thing out."

The ACC will debut a new TV contract with ESPN and partner Raycom in 2011-12, and Krzyzbv3ski wants the structure for basketball studied carefully.

The current Sunday package televised nationally on Fox Sports Net gets ACC teams exposure from coast to coast and is, no doubt, a recruiting boost. But Krzyzgt6ski says playing Sundays creates problems as this week his Blue Devils will play three games in seven days.

"It's not a good thing," Krzyzsj2ski said. "We shouldn't have 'em. And it puts us in a position this week to play three games in six days without really a day off. But again, we're not the only team that goes through it. It's just our turn. But I'm not complaining. I would not want that for anybody in our league. I don't think it helps our league."

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