Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things That Make You Go…

Robot camel jockeys

Camel  racing is popular throughout the Arab Gulf nations where owning a herd of the beasts specially bred for the sport has become a fashion accoutrement. The most prized animals can sell for more than $1 million.  Seriously.

Now, Dubai police have confirmed that they have uncovered a gang of dealers who were selling electric stun gun kits, for up to $7,500 each, across the region.  The electric zappers were then installed in the robot jockeys that pilot the camels ever since the traditional jockeys (children) were banned some years ago.  Some blather about safety…

Naked robot camel jockeys
The robot jockeys, which cost between $200 to $300, are operated by remote control by the camel’s “trainer.”

Details of the case are sketchy and the gang has not yet been brought to court.

Brigadier General Khaleel Ibrahim al-Mansouri, head of Dubai CID, said, "They put stun guns inside the jockey that sits on the camel so it could send electric shocks. It is inhumane to use such machines in camel races. It is also against animal protection laws and against our traditions." 

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