Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things That Make You Go...


Have Trophy, Will Travel

Just like last year, the BCS National Championship Trophy enjoyed a Tour de Alabama Wal-Marts.

Auburn fans got to pose with the crystal football at three Wal-Marts and an Academy Sports and Outdoors.

To relief of many, a Birmingham-area location was added to the original list.  Even War Eagle Nation devotees in Georgia got to visit with the grand prize.

Alabama's trophy got the same tour last year, and, just like then, fans were able to have their photos taken with the prize. Dr. Pepper, the sponsor of the trophy, and Wal-Mart agreed to the tour.

The photos seem to yet again make the point that the overall popularity of college sports has little to do with people who attend, attended or plan to attend college.

Even a few Crimson Tide fans stopped by to visit (top left photo) with their former lover…

To see more…and we mean MANY more…photos, click here.  

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