Friday, January 21, 2011

T.A.H. To The B.C.S.: Put The Crack Pipe DOWN!


Now we have to amend our very popular “Things That Make You Go…Hmmm” feature to include a new sub-category titled “Put The Crack Pipe DOWN!!”

You can laugh all you want, but read this item from Andrea Adelson ESPN College football blog last week…

In his remarks to the Football Writers Association of America, Hancock praised the virtues of the bowl system because it allowed a team like Tulsa to travel to Hawaii, and a team like Kansas State to travel to New York City. He also said the system worked because it allowed TCU to play in the Rose Bowl, something that would have never happened under the old system. Then he went on to say the BCS had allowed teams like Boise State and TCU to thrive in the upper echelon:

There is a new populism never before imagined. A new equity that could not have been envisioned just 10 years ago. New hope that previously was inconceivable. New national fervor for a game that some believed had reached its zenith, but whose potential now seems unlimited -- a tree growing to the sky.

Yes sir Mr. BCS! Anything you say...(Look inside, it's full of money!)
How has the BCS done this?

It is very simple: by providing unprecedented access to the top-tier bowl games, by maintaining the focus on the regular season and by enhancing the entire bowl system that provides a foothold for programs on their way up.

Exhale. Inhale. Bubble, bubble, bubble. Exhale.

*Items in italics are a direct published quote from Mr. Hancock, no s***.

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