Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Streak: The Seventh Time, Out Of The Last 55 Times, That Clemson Lost A Basketball Game in Chapel Hill…

John Harvey Kellog was still alive…

The Streak: Game Seven , February 2, 1943 – UNC  52, Clemson 32.

The loss was part of a tough campaign for the Tigers.  They were 3-13 overall and 0-10 in the Southern Conference.

Kellog was born February 26, 1852.  He was one of the first “Granola Heads” operating the Battle Creek Sanitarium that utilized holistic methods with a particular focus on nutrition, exercise and enemas.  Yes, we said enemas.

He is best known for inventing, with his brother, corn flakes.  That said, the Kellogs did not invent the concept of the dry breakfast cereal. That honor belongs to Dr. James Caleb Jackson, who created “Granula” in 1863 – sound appetizing, doesn’t it? 

A patient Kellog’s, Charles William Post, would eventually start his own company, Post Cereals, leading to claims that Post stole the formula for corn flakes from Kellog’s safe in the Sanitarium office.

Kellog, a vegetarian, was also an advocate of sexual abstinence…


Ok, never mind, he was a quack.

Kellog died on December 14, 1943.

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