Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Streak: The Fourth Time, Out Of The Last 55 Times, That Clemson Lost A Basketball Game in Chapel Hill…

Typhoid Mary was still alive.

The Streak: Game Four, February 1, 1938 – UNC 44, Clemson 34.

The Tigers finished the season with a 16-7 record which included wins over Tennessee, Davidson, Wake Forest, Georgia, South Carolina, Richmond and Washington and Lee.

“Typhoid” Mary Mallon was born on September 23, 1869 in Northern Ireland. 

Mallon was thought to be the first person in the United States to be identified as a healthy carrier of typhoid fever.  She is believed to have infected 53 people, three of whom died from the disease.  She started out in upstate N.Y. but moved to Manhattan (you know, denser population) where she worked as a cook.  Soon folks started falling out and Mary was the common denominator.

Her notoriety is partially due to her vehement denial of her own role in spreading the disease, together with her refusal to cease working as a cook. She was forcibly quarantined twice by public health authorities and died in quarantine. It is possible that she was born with the disease, as her mother had typhoid fever during her pregnancy.  Mallon was approached by medical authorities (or authorityes if you’re from South Park), but she refused to be tested.

Mary died on November 11, 1938.  Evidently, typhoid had nothing to do with her eventual demise of pneumonia, but an autopsy did find evidence of live typhoid bacteria in her gallbladder. 

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