Friday, January 21, 2011

Playoffs? The Gen. Bounds Modified 16 Team BCS Playoff

What the heck is this?
How about this simple solution?

A sixteen team playoff and Tulsa can still go to Hawaii and those poor rubes (according to Hancock) from K-State can still visit the Big Apple.  Since each major conference regular season champion gets in (so the ACC and the Big East won’t have a cow – only Virginia Tech would have made a logical 16 team playoff last season), the regular season still “matters.”

Let the BCS bowl games host the quarters, semis and finals – that’s seven games for the five BCS bowls.  They can rotate the Championship Game around so each gets time in the big limelight. Or they could play it annually in Indianapolis to keep The Suits happy.

The first round of eight games and the two other quarterfinal games can be auctioned off to the other bowls. Highest bidder comes to the party.  Or they could rotate those around as well…they move basketball regionals around every year.

The BCS continues to suggest any playoff would create an “all or nothing” bowl scenario and backs it up with quotes from coaches on their website.  We are guessing the question was posed in a “choose one or the other” fashion or pulled in and/or out of context from other articles on related subjects.

In short, the BCS’s all or nothing position is bull****. 

How about a combo of a playoff and the current bowl system? The BCS sponsors the 16-team format suggested above and, all the “non-playoff” bowls along with all those 8-4, 7-5 and 6-6 teams carry on as usual and continue Hancock’s dream of “a tree growing in the sky” with nice corn-fed student athletes from the Midwest going to NEW YORK CITY or maybe all the way to Hawaii (wherever that is?). Oh, and the kids from Florida International still get to go to the Little Caesar Bowl in Detroit.  Wouldn’t want to miss that…

Why is this so hard?  Ok, we have oversimplified it. It would be a massive undertaking to figure out how to undo all the existing contractual arrangements between the existing bowls and the various conferences.  However, with the proper leadership and a good business plan that would appeal to all the parties, we wager this could get done.  Any deal can be made if ALL the stakeholders want to make it. 

Here is a potential playoff scenario:

Fri, Dec 18 noon First Round #1: Outback Bowl
Fri, Dec 18 4pm First Round #2: Capital One Bowl
Fri, Dec 18 7:30pm First Round #3: Bowl
Fri, Dec 18 9pm First Round #4: AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Sat, Dec 19 noon First Round #5: Meineke Car Care Bowl
Sat, Dec 19 4pm First Round #6: Hyundai Sun Bowl
Sat, Dec 19 7:30pm First Round #7: Chick-fil-A Bowl
Sat, Dec 19 9pm First Round #8: Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

Fri, Dec 24 4pm Quarter-Final #3: AT&T Cotton Bowl
Fri, Dec 24 7:30pm Quarter-Final #4: Progressive Gator Bowl

Sat, Dec 25 1pm Quarter-Final #1: Discover Orange Bowl
Sat, Dec 25 4:30pm Quarter-Final #2: Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Sat, Jan 1 4pm Semi-Final #1: Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio
Sat, Jan 1 7:30pm Semi-Final #2: Allstate Sugar Bowl

Sat, Jan 8 8pm Championship Game: Tostitos BCS National Championship Game*

*This entire schedule will work better on six out of seven years when Christmas and New Year’s Day do not fall on Saturday.

The rest of the bowl games played as currently scheduled:  New Mexico Bowl, uDrove Humanitarian Bowl, R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl, Maaco Las Vegas Bowl, SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl, Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl, Insight Bowl, Military Bowl Pres. By Northrop Grumman, Texas Bowl, Valero Alamo Bowl, Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, New Era Pinstripe Bowl, Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl, Ticket City Bowl, BBVA Compass Bowl and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

Happy freakin' holidays!

In a perfect world, the “rest of the bowl games” would take turns hosting the non-BCS playoff games if they could meet certain criteria – size of stadium, sponsorship, etc. 

Of course, the business plan includes some sort of revenue sharing plan similar to the one utilized for the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship, and that is probably what is holding back the BCS schools/bowls.  They are no doubt thinking why share our revenue when we would have to grow that revenue to make as much (or more) than we do now?

That said, most folks think a playoff would be so big that it would make huge profits for all the parties.  If the BCS would take the lead in creating the playoff system, they would be well positioned to negotiate certain revenue guarantees for the original five BCS bowl games and the BCS conferences. 

Hey, BCS, have your people, call the T.A.H. Worldwide Media(tion) people!


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