Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ol’ Roy Apologizes To Radio Show Callers

According to ACC Now, UNC coach Roy Williams says he should not have criticized his radio show callers last week who phoned in to criticize his team.

“I wish I had not said one word,’’ Williams said during this week’s radio show on Monday night, according to a transcript on

Last Tuesday after UNC’s win over Clemson, Williams was trying to defend his players when he said during the post-game news conference: “My radio call [show] last night stunk; everybody was talking about how they were Carolina fans for 9 million years and how bad we are. I don't give a damn how long you're a Carolina fan, those are kids in the locker room, and they played their buns off tonight. … Don't call me next week and say how good we are; keep your damn phone calls to yourself."

Now in Roy’s defense there is a group of Carolina fans who have ridiculously high expectations.  These deranged loyalists think the Heels should be the undefeated National Champions every year.  To that point, we put up a post last week where a “fan” asked a Yahoo! Sports columnist if it was time for a column about Williams’ underachieving at UNC.  Hmmm…National Champion two out of the last six years…

Who in the ACC would be delighted with such “underachieving?” Answer:  EVERYBODY save Duke and Maryland.

So this week instead of doing the call-in show, Williams just showed this video.

*Items in italics may not be true.

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