Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Snyder

Mind you, we did say we were done for the year, but we felt compelled to pen you a quick note to point out one very important fact about Sunday’s NFL Championship game between the Cheese Heads and Da Bears.

Yes, loyal readers and Redskins’ fans across the globe, your men in burgundy and gold – yes, Mr. Snyder your, literally your Washington Redskins defeated both the Monsters of the Midway and the winners of the first two Super Bowls (and the greatest small market sports franchise ever), those lovable Green Bay Packers in successive weeks!

The Skins defeated Green Bay on October 10 by a score of 16-13 in overtime.  Then, one week later on October 17, powered by four DeAngelo Hall interceptions (thank you, J. Cutler) they beat the Da Bears 17-14.

The Packers were bemused, and Chicago was downright embarrassed.

Just sayin’.

Enjoy the game.

Your Loyal Fan.

P.S. This kicker guy is also playing in the AFC Championship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But our Gano kicker guy is better, right?

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