Monday, January 31, 2011

ACC/NCAA Basketball Rules 101: Offensive Foul

The T.A.H. mailbox was full this morning from upset Duke fans who weren’t particularly enamored with their team’s effort in NYC yesterday.  A number of them questioned the officiating showing particular angst over this photo taken by Nick Laham/Getty Images of  D.J. Kennedy  of the St. John's Red Storm and the Blue Devils’ Nolan Smith.

A substantial number of Duke loyalists simply stated that Smith never does anything wrong – ever.  Therefore, he could not have fouled Kennedy.  Others, quite a few actually, seemed convinced that Kennedy was guilty of an offensive foul – what us old timers still call “charging.”

Actually, we have researched this very carefully, and this is not an offensive foul and/or a charge.  If you look VERY CLOSELY you will note that only Smith’s right toe is touching the floor.  In order to establish position to draw an offensive foul, a player must have both feet on the actual basketball court.   

Whether or not a Duke player can draw an offensive foul from behind an opponent is a discussion best left to those with more knowledge or stronger opinions.

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