Saturday, October 16, 2010

ACC Saturday Results

East Carolina fans celebrate!


East Carolina 33, N.C. STATE 27


GEORGIA TECH 42, Middle Tennessee 14



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Friday, October 15, 2010

ACC Football Saturday

Kelvin Bryant and Amos Lawrence
Saturday, Oct 16

BOSTON COLLEGE @ #16 FLORIDA STATE (-22), Tallahassee, Fla., 12:00 PM, ESPN (XM 190/SIRIUS 212) – Ahhh, nothin’ says “good old days” like the Noles being the only ranked team in the ACC. B.C. is not good so Noles will really have to stumble to blow this one after their big win over Miami.

MARYLAND @ CLEMSON (-14), Clemson, S.C., 12:00 PM, ACC Network (XM 192/SIRIUS 214) – Dabo cares, Fridge cares, but even the Clemson crowd is likely to go party elsewhere by halftime. The Terps have vanquished the Tigers on their last two visits to Death Valley. Fear the (oblivious to “death”) Turtle.

N.C. STATE (-6.5) @ East Carolina (Pirates, 27,816 students, Greenville, NC), Greenville, N.C., 12:00 PM, CBSC (XM 191/SIRIUS 213) – Somebody at East Carolina must be awfully proud of the fact that they got the big boys in Raleigh and Chapel Hill to play the Pirates in the same year. Russell Wilson should rack up some big yards ECU allows 457 yards per game.

MIAMI (-19.5) @ DUKE, Durham, N.C., 1:00 PM, (XM 193/SIRIUS 215) – Duke is coming off a bye week and Miami has to be extra cranky after losing at home to in-state rival FSU. Advantage Canes.

Middle Tennessee State (Blue Raiders, 22,299 students, Murfreesboro, TN) @ GEORGIA TECH (-19), Atlanta, Ga., 3:30 PM, (XM 191/SIRIUS 213) – Which begs the question is there an Upper Tennessee State and/or a Lower Tennessee State to compliment Middle Tennessee State?

WAKE FOREST @ VIRGINIA TECH (-22.5), Blacksburg, Va., 3:30 PM, ESPNU (XM 190/SIRIUS 212) – Some people in the media have been talking about a bowl game for the Demon Deacons. Those people are wrong. Wake has no answers for Tyrod Taylor’s mobility.

NORTH CAROLINA (-6.5) @ VIRGINIA, Charlottesville, Va., 6:00 PM , (XM192/SIRIUS 214) – This is the first true “away” game for the Heels this season. Too bad they have to go to C’ville where it seems like they haven’t won since Kelvin Bryant and Amos Lawrence were playing. Classic “irresistible force vs. immovable object” match up -- The Wahoo are ranked No. 10 in the country in passing defense, allowing just 151 yards per game. Yates is averaging 234 passing yards per game, and has eight touchdowns and just one interception.

*point spread for recreational purposes only.

T.A.H. Special Correspondent For Football J. Clark: “Kirk Herbstreit Is Smoking Crack”

So we come across an article noting that ESPN analyst and college football guru Kirk Herbstriet thinks Florida State may be the best team he’s so far this still young college football season.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit says FSU might be the best team he's seen this year.

Suffice to say, T.A.H. long-lost special correspondent Johnny Clark did not agree. You remember, John don’t you? Tireless supporter of his alma mata FSU who used to provide football commentary to T.A.H. before he became too busy or too famous or maybe he sort of lost some of his pigskin vigor when the Noles sucked and they tossed Bobby under the bus…

Well, lo and behold, John is back!

Where do I begin?

Mr. Herbstreit is smoking CRACK. Best team he's seen all year? Really? That best team sure looked GREAT against Oklahoma, didn't it? FSU did look great....against Miami. Not that Miami is bad, but, c'mon, we are talking about the ACC. Just a few short weeks ago, weren't we talking about how much ACC Football SUCKED?!? FSU may be the tallest midget, but we're a midget nonetheless.

Now "Herbie", as that complete douchebag Brent Mussberger (however you spell that a-hole's name) calls him, has some appropriate points. Over the weeks, it DOES seem like FSU has been better prepared. It DOES look like our defense is getting better. It DOES seem like our offense is clicking. But, again, over the last few weeks FSU has played mormons and ACC teams. FSU hasn't played an SEC team. Let's see how FSU stacks up against the the Florida team that is "down," according to Herbie. What if UF does what any respectable SEC teams does, and whips an ACC team up and down the gridiron? Still the best team all year, Herbie??

My advice to Herbie, which is the (paraphrased and somewhat modified) advice Mr. Wolf gives to Jules & Verne in Pulp Fiction:

"Okay, we beat Miami. Let's not start sucking each others ***** just yet." (I'm sure you'll have to edit THAT if it goes to publication. Or you can blame it on the potty mouth that is me.) (Editor’s Note: Done and done.)

In short, FSU looks good. In fact, better than we have in many seasons.

Having said that, we are NOT EVEN CLOSE to the teams we had when I was there, in the middle of 14 consecutive top 5 finishes and 2 national championships. Let's see IF FSU can win the ACC championship. Let's see what FSU does in its bowl game. If that bowl game happens to be a BCS game, in the event we do win the ACC, let's see how FSU does against another nationally ranked, NON-ACC FOOTBALL TEAM.

Herbie, let's talk again after the UF game. Let's talk again if we make it to the ACC Championship game. Let's talk again after our bowl game.

In short, Herbie, let's talk after the '10-'11 season. Then, and only then, will I tell you if you can BEGIN to think about disregarding Mr. Wolf's advice.

Oh, and stop smoking crack. It makes you say stupid s*** like, "FSU is maybe the best team I have seen this year."

... and also please crawl out of Ohio State's butt – yeah, you played there. Good for you. Be objective, or you and Muss are going to be forever referred to as Douchebag 1 and Douchebag 2, or, collectively, "The Douches."

As an aside, I'm pretty knowledgeable about college football, AND I can say stupid s*** too...where's my effin' ABC/ESPN deal?!?

(Editor’s Note 4: WOW! Imagine how pissed he would have been had Herbstreit said that the Noles suck!)

The Agent That Came In Out Of The Cold…

Cue the 007 music...
Josh Luchs admits he paid thousands to dozens of college football players, he worked for Gary Wichard and has this to say about John Blake:

Gary used his contacts in the coaching community to help him get players. This has recently come into public view, as the NCAA and the state of North Carolina are investigating the Tar Heels football program and whether John Blake, a Carolina assistant coach since 2007, steered players to Gary and received money from him. It's no secret in the agent business that some college coaches steer players to certain agents. I laughed when I heard Gary deny in the media that John ever worked with Pro Tect.

When I was with Gary, John worked hand in hand with us, and Gary called him his "partner." John was the defensive line coach of the Dallas Cowboys when they won Super Bowls XXVIII and XXX, and the head coach at Oklahoma from '96 through '98. He was one of the best recruiters I'd ever seen. He was just electric, and I leveraged him to get clients whenever I could. In '02 two of the biggest clients we got were due, in large part, to John. He went with Gary and me to meet with Fresno State defensive lineman Alan Harper, and Gary and I had John work out defensive end Kenyon Coleman from UCLA before his senior year. That was an NCAA violation, but it wasn't like paying a kid. It was helping Kenyon become a better player.

The story appears in the October 18, 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated, to read more click here.

S.coms ACC Fans of the Week

Photos: Dannie Walls / Icon SMI, Photo: Bill Frakes/SI Photo: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI Photo: Dannie Walls / Icon SMI

Pictures of the Day

THE ALL-BLUR CRAZY TEAM. On Oct. 8, Jorge Lorenzo of the Fiat Yamaha Team burned some rubber during the free practice session of the Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix held at Sepang International Circuit in Sepang, Malaysia. Photo: Hazrin Yeob Men Shah/Icon SMI
REHAB IS FOR QUITERS. The Texas Rangers celebrated their ALDS-clinching win last night by breaking out the ... ginger ale. In a true team moment, the players began the celebration by dousing each other with ginger ale, so outfielder Josh Hamilton, whose substance abuse problems are well known, could be part of the fun.
ROID RAGE. Participants in one of our favorite sporting events the Excursion des Tricheurs (known to some as the Tour De France) got so revved up on illegal pharmaceuticals they challenged each other to a…drum roll, please…race. Problem is their drug shrunken brains forgot their bikes…
HAND TO MOUTH. Florida State Seminoles safety Nick Moody gets a mouth full from Miami Hurricanes wide receiver Travis Benjamin as Moody attempts to return a fumble. Florida State would defeat Miami 45-17.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


“One of my greatest accomplishments was receiving a scholarship to the University of North Carolina. Representing the University was a true honor and I am so appreciative of Coach Davis and his staff for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dream of playing for North Carolina. I want to apologize first to my teammates, coaches, and the support staff for letting them down. To the community of Chapel Hill, students, alumni, and supporters of the University, I am terribly remorseful.”

-- UNC wide receiver Greg Little after be ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA on Monday for violation of NCCAA agent benefits, preferential treatment and ethical conduct rule. According to the Suits In Kansas, Little received cash, jewelry and trips, all of which are prohibited under NCAA rules.

(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America)


RB-back Anthony Allen tried to be modest about his record-setting history with Middle Tennessee, but Roddy Jones called him out on it.

Greg Nosal -- and his pinky finger -- have written themselves into Virginia Tech lore.

Duke is feeling good after its bye week, but a tough stretch lies ahead. There has been some mental and physical healing needed in Durham.

Nine straight road trips without a win. Can the Terps really turn that around in Death Valley?

Maryland will get some help from the return of tight end Devonte Campbell, who spent so much time recovering on an exercise bike he named it.

Virginia's defense has been plagued by missed assignments -- not missed tackles.

Three blocked punts this season have given NC State confidence and more blocked punts than the program has seen since 2005.

Opposing defenses are keen to the fact that Clemson doesn't have any downfield receiving threats.

Kicking defensive tackle Marvin Austin off the team was a necessary move.

Forget throwing up the U. Reading this take from former Canes should make Miami fans want to throw up.

Hey Mister! What a name. But it keeps Mister Alexander MR -- Mentally Ready.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. UNC? En fuego. School officials say there was no lack of institutional control, yet plan on tightening up their system a bit.

Georgia Tech offensive lineman Omoregie Uzzi is driven by the advice of his late father.

Virginia is looking to start its game against UNC on Saturday with a greater sense of urgency.

It doesn't matter who is under center for BC. He has to play better than what the Eagles have had in the first half of the season.

Florida State is doing things the program hasn't seen since its dynasty era, yet it's still fighting for respect.

There might be 100 points scored on Saturday as NC State and East Carolina prepare to fire away. Or just 50 -- all for NC State.

Virginia's depth chart is unsettled midway through the season.

Duke might gain some confidence from realizing the Canes aren't invincible.

Clemson is trying not to look ahead, but the Tigers are also trying to find reasons to stay hopeful about repeating as Atlantic Division champs.
Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams is feeling better, but today will be an important practice for him.

Picture(s) of the Day

THE FAKER AND THE GAME BREAKER. Gilbert Arenas and John Wall the Washington Wizards watch from the bench against the Atlanta Hawks at the Verizon Center on October 12, 2010 in Washington, DC. Agent 0, whose track record for stupidity is difficult to top, faked an injury so a teammate would get more playing time. Coach Flip Sanders was not amused. Arenas apologized. The beat goes on…(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)
DUTCH CROSS. Dutch Yuri van Gelder performs during the World Cup gymnastics rings in Gent Belgium on September 12, 2010.Van Gelder has been kicked off Holland's team for the world artistic gymnastic championships for allegedly testing positive again for cocaine on October 13, 2010. AFP PHOTO: ROBIN UTRECHT
BRING ON THE BRONX BOMBERS. The Texas Rangers celebrate after winning Game 5 of the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field on October 12, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
NICE HANDS. England's Christopher Froome rides his bycicle during the men's individual time trial cycling award ceremony as part of the XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on October 13, 2010. Scotland's David Millar won the gold medal with a final time of 47:18.66 followed by England's Alex Dowsett with 48:13.48 and Australia's Luke Durbride with 48:19.22 (Photo by Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When It Rains, It Really Does Pour: UNC Mascot Owner Dies

Orange County, NC farmer Rob Hogan died early Friday morning from complications related to his Sept. 15 accident at the Hogan Farm  in Carrboro, NC.

Hogan, who was a fixture on the sidelines at UNC-Chapel Hill's Kenan Stadium as the owner and handler of Carolina's mascot Rameses had been hospitalized since Sept. 15, when he fell from his tractor and suffered a hip injury that became life-threatening, according to the university's General Alumni Association website.

Hogan's doctors at UNC struggled for nearly a month to help him recover from the accident that started his downward spiral. Hogan was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition in which injured muscle tissue starts to die and releases toxins into the body that can damage the kidneys.

The family celebrated Hogan's 54th birthday Tuesday at his beside.

In Hogan's absence, Rameses XVIII has missed the Tar Heels' first two home football games.

The Hogan family has cared for the Tar Heel mascot since 1924.

ACC Collision of the Week

Tyler Melton #84 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets collides with field judge Billy Beckett (R) as he fails to pull in this reception against the Virginia Cavaliers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on October 9, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Wake Forest Releases Center Tony Woods

Junior center Tony Woods has received a release from the Wake Forest basketball program.
The school said Monday that Woods asked for a release so he could pursue other options.

Woods was suspended indefinitely from the program last month after he was arrested on assault charges. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeamor charge of assaulting a female and was given a suspended 60-day sentence.

Coach Jeff Bzdelik in a statement says that he met with Woods “a number of times and we felt this was the best course of action for him.”

Woods averaged about five points and three rebounds in 31 games last season.

ACC Players of the Week

Anthony Allen
 ACC Players of the Week

CO-OFFENSIVE BACK – Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech, RB, r-Sr., 6-0, 229, Tampa, Fla. (Louisville/Jesuit) Allen rushed for a Georgia Tech career-high 195 yards and three touchdowns on 25 carries Saturday in the Yellow Jackets’ 33-21 win over Virginia. Allen, who eclipsed 1,000 yards for his two-year Tech career, had the second-most rushing yards in the Paul Johnson era. He helped the Yellow Jackets pile up 477 yards on the ground, which is the sixth-highest mark in conference history, and the most since 1981. Allen has five career touchdowns in two games against the Cavaliers.

CO-OFFENSIVE BACK – Russell Wilson, NC State, QB, r-Jr., 5-11, 201, Richmond, Va. (Collegiate) Wilson completed 38 of 51 pass attempts for 328 yards and three touchdowns. Wilson also carried the ball 14 times for 45 yards. Wilson completed passes to 10 different receivers, the fourth time in six games this season that he has reached double figures in receivers. Wilson has now passed for 300 or more yards in a game five times in six games this season, and has done so nine times in his career. Among NC State quarterbacks, only Philip Rivers had more 300-yard passing games (19).

Kevin Reddick
OFFENSIVE LINEMAN – Rodney Hudson, Florida State, LG, Sr., 6-2, 282, Mobile, Ala. (B.C. Rain) The Seminoles’ offensive lineman paved the way for another big performance by the FSU offense, which piled up 471 total yards in the 45-17 victory over Miami. Hudson matched his season-high by earning a grade of 94 percent (92 run/96 pass), which included two knockdown blocks. He did not register a missed assignment or draw a penalty in 62 snaps while leading a running attack that piled up 298 yards on just 40 carries (7.4 ypc).

CO-DEFENSIVE LINEMAN – Kevin Reddick, North Carolina, LB, So., 6-3, 230, New Bern, N.C. (New Bern/Hargrave) Sophomore middle linebacker Kevin Reddick posted 10 tackles, assisted on a tackle for loss and had two pass breakups in a 21-16 win over Clemson. Reddick was part of a UNC defense that held Clemson to its lowest point total of the season and held the Tigers to 305 total yards of offense.

Brandan Bishop
DEFENSIVE BACK – Brandan Bishop, NC State, S, So., 6-2, 210, Boca Raton, Fla. (Boca Raton) Bishop came off the bench against Boston College and had three tackles and two interceptions in 48 plays. His two interceptions – one midway through the second quarter and one late in the fourth – yielded 15 yards in returns. Bishop’s first interception, which came in the second quarter, gave NC State the football in Boston College territory, setting up the team’s third touchdown and a commanding 24-3 lead.

CO-DEFENSIVE LINEMAN – Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech, ILB, r-So., 6-2, 246, Myrtle Beach, S.C. (Myrtle Beach) Taylor had a game-high 13 tackles, including two for loss and a pass breakup as the Hokies downed Central Michigan 45-21. He leads the team in both tackles and tackles for loss. His 1.92 TFL per game ranks ninth nationally and third in the league. He is sixth in the conference in tackles with 49.
Greg Reid
SPECIALIST – Greg Reid, Florida State, CB, So., 5-8, 174, Valdosta, Ga. (Lowndes County) Reid was a central figure in Florida State’s ability to win the field position battle throughout the night in a 45-17 win over Miami. He registered a career-high 145 kickoff return yards on four attempts (36.25 avg.), including a season-high 55 yarder, in response to Miami’s first touchdown of the game. That 55-yarder led to a Dustin Hopkins field goal and a 24-7 halftime lead by the Seminoles. Reid returned the opening kickoff of the second half 22 yards to the FSU 31 to set up a 69-yard touchdown drive and added a 50-yard kickoff return late in the third quarter after the ‘Canes had scored 10 unanswered points.

ROOKIE – DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson, WR, Fr., 6-1, 195, Central, S.C. (D.W. Daniel) Hopkins had seven receptions for 46 yards against North Carolina, the most receptions by a Clemson freshman in a single game in five years. Aaron Kelly had seven receptions against Temple in 2005 and that was the last time a Tiger rookie had that many catches in a game. He also had a 31-yard punt return that set up a Clemson touchdown in the second half.

Monday ACC Links via ESPN

Eww. Sick. Greg Nosal lost the tip of his pinky finger.
Virginia knew what it was up against in Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh but didn't get the results it was looking for on offense.
More offensive changes are underway for Clemson, starting with Andre Ellington getting more carries
Boston College hasn't been this bad since 1998.
The mistakes are decreasing for Georgia Tech. Attribute that to a better focus.
While UNC is up to its eyeballs in allegations, rival Duke is putting on a display of character.
The Tar Heels are 0-2 -- against the NCAA. The careers of Marvin Austin, Greg Little and Robert Quinn are over. They should've just gone to the NFL when they had the chance since they couldn't wait to live the life. Will UNC have to vacate wins because fullback Devon Ramsay played?
Still have that Hurricane hangover? Miami coach Randy Shannon is taking the blame.
Speaking of the Noles, Florida State is out to prove it can handle success.

Picture(s) of the Day

ADIOS, TO ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS. Manager Bobby Cox #6 of the Atlanta Braves waves to the crowd after the Braves were defeated by the San Francisco Giants 3-2 during Game Four of the NLDS of the 2010 MLB Playoffs on October 11, 2010 at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.  Cox is due to end his long and glorious managing career after last night’s loss eliminated the Braves. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
ARE THESE THE FLASHBACKS OUR PARENTS WARNED US ABOUT? Emilie Heymans of Canada competes in the Women's 1m Springboard Final at Dr. S.P. Mukherjee Aquatics Complex on day nine of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games on October 12, 2010 in Delhi, India. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
DOWN, AND FLIRTING WITH OUT. Brett Favre has to be asking himself why he didn’t stay retired. Here, he wipes his eyes as he walks off the field after the New York Jets defeated his Vikings 29-20 at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 11, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)WE HOPE THAT’S NOT POISON IVY. England's Noel Fahily on the Irish horse Mr. Big jumps over “Big Taxis” during the 120th traditional Velka Pardubicka Steeple-Chase in Pardubice city, East Bohemia, on October 10, 2010. Czech jockey Josef Vana won ahead of Marek Stromsky and Amant Gris ,who came in second and Czech jockey Josef Bartos on Sixteen who placed third. (Photo by Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images)

LET THERE BE LAWN BOWLING. Amy Monkhouse of England competes in the Women Pairs Semifinal at JN Sports Complex during day eight of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games on October 11, 2010 in Delhi, India.  (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Monday, October 11, 2010

North Carolina and NCAA Dismiss Three Players

Robert Quinn and Marvin Austin
According to ACC Now, the college football careers of North Carolina seniors Marvin Austin and Greg Little and junior Robert Quinn are over as the result of an NCAA investigation into the Tar Heels football program.

UNC dismissed Austin, and Little and Quinn have been ruled permanently ineligible because of untruthfulness, Chancellor Holden Thorp said this morning.

In a news release, UNC stated that the total value of benefits received was $4,952 for Little and $5,642 for Quinn, according to information submitted to the NCAA by the university.

Little was found to have accepted diamond earrings and travel accommodations to the Bahamas, Washington, D.C., and two trips to Miami, among other benefits. Quinn’s benefits were found to include two black diamond watches, a pair of matching earrings and travel to Miami.

Greg Little
The university also found that Little and Quinn were not truthful during three separate interviews with UNC and NCAA enforcement staff members. According to UNC, Little and Quinn only provided more accurate information when presented with evidence contrary to their assertions.

UNC announced that Austin was dismissed for violations of NCAA agent benefits, preferential treatment and ethical conduct rules. His case was not submitted to the NCAA for reinstatement. He had been suspended indefinitely since Sept. 1 for violating team rules. UNC did not provide further information on the amount or nature of the benefits Austin received.

All three players have been withheld from games since the beginning of the season because of the NCAA’s investigation into improprieties involving sports agents and possible academic misconduct connected to an undergraduate tutor.

They are among more than a dozen Tar Heel players who have missed games as a result of the NCAA’s probe.

To read more, click here.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America and Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ACC Football Saturday

Jermaine Thomas celebrates his touchdown with
Christian Ponder. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
In chronological order…

N.C. STATE 44, BOSTON COLLEGE 17 - Russell Wilson threw for 328 yards and three touchdowns to help NC State down Boston College 44-17, giving Tom O'Brien his first win against his former program

VIRGINIA TECH 45, Central Michigan 21- Quarterback Tyrod Taylor rushed for 127 yards and two touchdowns and threw for another.

NORTH CAROLINA 21, CLEMSON 16 - Johnny White rushed for two touchdowns and gained 179 total yards, and North Carolina held on to beat the Tigers for their third straight victory.  

GEORGIA TECH 33, VIRGINIA 21- Anthony Allen ran for 195 yards and three touchdowns as the Jackets posted their best rushing total in an ACC game to top the Wahoos.

NAVY 28, WAKE FOREST 27 - The Mids scored on a touchdown pass with 26 seconds left to down Wake Forest. It was the Deacons second straight last-minute loss.

#23 FLORIDA STATE 45, #13 MIAMI 17 - Jermaine Thomas had the first three-touchdown game of his career, all coming in the first 21 minutes, and the 23rd-ranked Seminoles remained perfect in the ACC with a surprisingly one-sided win.

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