Friday, September 17, 2010

Wolfpack Pride of ACC Football

Hey, one thing is for sure – all the grousing about the further demise of ACC football can’t be blamed on N.C. State. The Wolfpack has won its three opening non-conference games. We believe (for recreational purposes only), they were underdogs in Las Vegas for both games.

Last night, Russell Wilson threw for 333 yards and three touchdowns as N.C. State beat Cincinnati 30-19 to improve to 3-0 for the first time in eight years.

Jay Smith and Curtis Underwood Jr. had first-half touchdown catches, and Mustafa Greene had a 31-yard scoring run that gave N.C. State a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. The Wolfpack led the entire way behind Wilson and a defense that pressured Zach Collaros much of the night.

Cincinnati (1-2) didn't run a play inside the N.C. State 32 until the final minutes, but the Wolfpack had a big lead by that point. Collaros connected with D.J. Woods twice for touchdowns, the first from 68 yards late in the first half.

The Wolfpack is off to its best start since winning its first nine games behind eventual NFL first-round draft pick Philip Rivers at quarterback in 2002.

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Saturday ACC Football

Ahhh...The Good Old Days...
 GEORGIA TECH @ NORTH CAROLINA (-2), Chapel Hill, N.C., 12:00 PM, TV: ACC Network (XM 192/SIRIUS 214)

MARYLAND @ #21 West Virginia (-10) (Mountainqueers, 28,898 students, Morgantown, WV), Morgantown, W.Va., 12:00 PM, TV: ESPNU (XM 190/SIRIUS 215)

East Carolina (Pirates, 20,974 students, Greenville, NC) @ VIRGINIA TECH (-20), Blacksburg, Va., 1:30 PM , TV: (XM 193/SIRIUS 212)

#1 Alabama (-23.5) (Crimson Tide, 30,232 students, Tuscaloosa, AL)@ DUKE, Durham, NC. 3:30 PM , TV: ABC (XM 192/SIRIUS 214)

BYU (Cougars, 32,955 students, Provo, UT) @ FLORIDA STATE (-10), Tallahassee, Fla., 3:30 PM, TV: ESPNU (XM 190/SIRIUS 215)

CLEMSON @ #16 Auburn (-7) (Tigers, 25,078 students, Auburn, AL) , Auburn, AL, 7:00 PM , TV: ESPN (XM 192/SIRIUS 214)

WAKE FOREST @ Stanford (-17.5) (Stupid Tree, 15,319 students, Stanford, CA), Palo Alto, Calif., 11:15 PM , TV: ESPN2 (XM 191/SIRIUS 213)

* As always the point spread is presented for recreational purposes only. Oh, and by the way, the runaway winner in the Endowment Bowl for this week is Stanford with a $12.6 billion – yes that’s BILLION with a B – endowment to go along with the stupid tree mascot.

Things That Make You Go…


Well that didn’t take long.

Of course, JMU would look to capitalize on their big win in Blacksburg last weekend. Not only was it a huge victory for a top notch Subdivision (D1AA) program, but it was historic as well – only the second time a Sub-1AA team has defeated a ranked D1 opponent.

So, even before the dust settles and the shouting dies down, JMU is auctioning off “memorabilia” from the big victory. To their credit, they are having a party to make it all more festive.

Here’s the release from

Get your piece of JMU history! The Signs USA Duke Club Auction is your opportunity to get one-of-a-kind memorabilia from JMU's historic 21-16 defeat of the Hokies. Included in the over 120 auction items are framed JMU/VA Tech celebration photos and a commemorative football with score and date. These items and more will be part of the silent auction with all proceeds going to the Duke Club.

We will never forget the Dukes' win in Blacksburg, but that does not mean you shouldn't bring a piece of history home with you. Call (540) 568-6461 or go to

The cost is $45 per couple (Duke Club Members) / $65 per (non-Duke Club members) and includes beer, wine and heavy hor d'oeuvres. Location: JMU Festival Grand Ballroom, When: Thursday, September 23, 6:30 pm.

Raycom Sports Launches ACC iPhone App

The ACC is diving headfirst into new media with an iPhone application that launched today. The new gadget does cool stuff including allowing one to watch select Raycom game broadcasts.

Nice, Raycom, NICE!

Raycom, the ACC’s Charlotte-based media partner, is helping the ACC produce an application that can be downloaded by searching for “ACC” in the iTunes application store and downloaded for an introductory annual cost of $1.99.

The app allow fans to:

- Watch select live football and basketball syndicated ACC telecasts from Raycom.
- See real-time game tracking with live game statistics, scoring summaries, play by play and other updates.
- Be alerted to breaking team news and game scores.
- Customize the application to represent their favorite conference team.
- View video clips featuring team previews, highlights and archival ACC moments.

(Editor's Note: Later today, Verizon is expected to announce that they are developing a QB Helmet Cam App for their Droid which will allow their customers to watch select games from the quarterback’s perspective. Don't laugh, it's just a matter of time. -- The Ed.)

Pictures of the Day

OUR MAIN MAN CASEY STONER!  We haven’t seen our favorite Aussie biker in a while so we were delighted when we happened upon him this a.m. riding in the second practice session of the Aragon Grand Prix at Mortorland's racetrack in Alcaniz, on September 17, 2010.  (Photo by Jose Jordan/AFP)
WHAT OUR MAIN MAN CASEY STONER SEES. Just kidding. This is actually a  multi-exposure image of Italian Fiat Yamha Team Valentino Rossi riding during the MotoGP first practice session of the Aragon Grand Prix. (Photo by Jose Jordan/AFP)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

JMU Seeks To Join ACC

According to sources close to TAH, James Madison University, home of the Dukes, has petitioned the Atlantic Coast Conference for admission into the venerable sports conference. JMU’s slogans supporting the cause are “Two Dukes Are Better Than One” and “If You Love That Duke, You’re Gonna Really Love These Dukes (And You Don’t Have To Suck Up to Us)!” According to JMU President Dr. Linwood Rose, “Our history is completely intertwined with all the ACC schools. We were founded in 1908, which makes us 17 years older than Miami and a mere 119 years younger than UNC. We would be the second newest school in the conference, practically modern since all the others were founded in 1800s by people long since dead and now culturally insignificant.” According to JMU President Emeritus, Dr. Ronald E. Carrier, “The similarities between Madison and the other ACC schools are quite compelling. We have 16,900 students which makes us the same size as Georgia Tech, half as big as Maryland and two and one-half times bigger than the other Duke. Oh, by the way, I never really trusted that Petty kid or Anderson, Reeves, Keyser or Chipman now that I think of it.” According to Athletics Director Jeffrey Bourne, “Let’s be frank. We promise to be a doormat. Those other schools you brought in they’re messing with you. Look at Virginia Tech – they kick your ass in football and now they have the audacity to have a good hoop squad as well. We would never do that…Hell, we couldn’t do that. Our basketball team is currently 7-21 overall and 4-13 in conference. You want bad losses? We’ve lost to Towson, Northeastern, Drexel, UNC – Wilmington, Eastern Kentucky, Mt. St. Mary’s and perennial powerhouse Texas Pan Am. Oh, I almost forgot Sienna. They kicked our butts. We’ve got an RPI of 473.” According to Associate Athletics Director for Sports Programs Kevin Whit, “Our stadium is small, much smaller than Wallace Wade Stadium and our basketball house is really non-descript and only seats 7,612. I think it’s 7,613, but we can argue about that later. The $130 million John Paul Jones arena could, as Dudley Moore said in that Arthur movie, kick the s&%# out of us in an arena war! We just can’t compete. Also, we don’t have any traditions or rivalries, and our kids, the “Convocation Center Lazies,” can’t/don’t/won’t come up with clever cheers at games. They just simply don’t have it in them.” According to Assistant Athletics Director for Development Nick Langridge, ”JMU and ACC teams that have won National Championships in basketball are practically attached at the hip. When Carolina won in 1982, the Dukes beat Ohio State in the first round only to fall 52-50 to the eventual Champs -- the Tar Heels. The next year, we whipped the Mountaineers only to lose in the next round to eventual National Champion N.C. State. I mean, we are literally a good luck charm for the ACC. In 2005, when the Heels won again, we lost in the first round of CAA tourney and were at home where we belonged watching it all on television, but we pulled for the ACC.” According to Associate Athletics Director for Development and Marketing: Geoff Polglase, “The coach of our only good NCAA basketball teams was a fellow named Lou Campanelli, and, let me tell you, Coach Lou could cuss with the best of them. Coack K -- wait at the bar! After he left here and went out to California where basketball coaches are wimps, Campanelli got in trouble for ‘verbally assaulting his players’ – another tradition at that other Duke, if you know what I mean.” According to Associate Athletics Director for Student Athlete Services: Casey Carter, “Just like that other Duke, our school mascot is named after a man named Duke – Samuel P. Duke who was the prez from 1919 to 1949. He became president when our first top dog, a guy named Burrus, left Harrisonburg to go to some school called Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPISU?). They tell me it’s in Southwest Virginia somewhere, but I’ve never heard of it. Somebody in the Sports Information Department told me they changed their name, but I never got the memo. Rumor has it that their mascot is a turkey, which, quite frankly, is ‘effed up.’ Well at least our Duke guy didn’t make cigarettes and kill millions of people like that other Duke family did.” According to Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing & Promotions: Brad Edmondson, “We have some very famous alums which is important in this day and age. Look at all the famous people who have graduated from JMU including G. Petty (Editor, TAH), C. Anderson (Insane Cubs/Bear Fan), M. Reeves (MENSA, 3 VP Kup Wins), B. Chipman (Real Estate Mogul, future President Reevesman Country Club, 4 VP Kup Wins), J. Keyser (Financial Mogul, Horseplayer Par Exellence) and Dr. Marcia Angell (Editor, New England Journal of Medicine) -- who can say no to a one-six punch like that? And how about Steve Buckhantz (Sports announcer Wizards, etc.), Gary Clark (Two Super Bowls), Tony Schiavone (Professional wrestling commentator), Charles Haley (Five Super Bowls), Scott Norwood (Super Bowl "wide right"), and Elliot Sadler – OK, he didn’t graduate -- but we’re talking NASCAR here…Duke, Boston College, Miami, UVA -- got any NASCAR drivers? Huh? HUH? Didn’t think so. So c’mon let us in…Pretty please. We promise we will SUCK. That New England Journal of Medicine lady? We will put a sock in her pie hole and shut her up pronto so our intellectuals like Reeves don’t show up any of your intellectuals! C’mon, let us in!” Finally, according to JMU Head Football Coach Mickey Matthews, “We will kick Duke’s ass. We may lie down for everybody else, but Duke is going down. There is no hate like Dukes-on-Duke hate. No rivalry like Dukes-on-Duke brand new semi-rivalry. No crack-back block like a Dukes-on-Duke crack-back block. Hey, we won the Division 1-AA Championship in an actual playoff. To accomplish that, my mighty Dukes had to defeat Lock Haven, Villanova, Hofstra, Massachusetts, Maine, Richmond, VMI, Delaware, Towson, Lehigh, Furman, William & Mary and Montana…Hey, the Blue Hens, The Tribe! They’re powerhouses! We beat Maine for heaven’s sake. Let us in. Besides, you need at least one team in the league with purple in its uniform that’s worth half-a-crap. Look, you let Virginia Tech in which made sense. You let Boston College in for who knows what reason. You let Criminal U. at Coconut Grove in for football, nice winter weather and just plain old good entertainment value, so why not us? Please. PUH-LEEEEZ. When reached for a comment on JMU’s petition to enter the league, ACC Commissioner John Swofford said, “Gusentiet.”

Bad News For Duke

No, de-Heismaned Reggie Bush isn’t going to “re-amateur” himself and use his final year of college eligibility at Duke, but last year’s injured Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram is “ready to go” for the No. 1 Crimson Tide, according to Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Evidently, Ingram has practiced all week for the top-ranked Crimson Tide after missing the first two games following arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. Saban said Wednesday he hasn’t decided on Ingram’s role his first game back in a game where the Tide is heavily favored.

“He’s done well,” Saban said. “He’s running fast and hard and cutting and doing well.

Ingram is also facing questions of whether the Heisman winner would start after Trent Richardson averaged 6.6 yards on 32 carries during his absence. Richardson also ranks second in the SEC in all-purpose yardage.

“We’re going to play him in the game and we haven’t decided exactly how we’ll do it. Guys don’t lose their jobs around here just because they get injured.”

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America)

ACC Football Links

Via Dininch/ESPN’s ACC Blog:

It's a rare occasion when a defending national champ visits the state of North Carolina (we're talking football, here, people). 

Confidence is brewing in Durham as the Blue Devils prepare to take on the No. 1 team in the nation.

WVU has won the past four games against Maryland. Can the Terps start to reverse that trend?

The wait was worth it for tight end Joe Torchia and Virginia fans

Not only does Virginia Tech have a 0-2 record, it has a disgruntled running back 

Paul Johnson cracks me up. He tells it like it is. No "movie, TV crap" for him

The ACC championship game will be relevant no matter what the start to the season because it's the only way to the Orange Bowl.

Butch Davis' son, Drew, doesn't get any special treatment from his high school teammates.

Sorry, Greg Reid, for jinxing you last weekend with the Friday Conversation.

There's plenty of history between Duke and Alabama, and it can be traced right back to the namesake of the Blue Devils' Stadium.

Just for the record, Brandon Maye, I sit on the couch and eat pretzels and chips, not donuts. Now go stop the run.

Part 1: Soccer Things That Make You Go…


We don’t know much about Qatar and we aren’t looking to start any more controversy with our Muslim friends whether here or abroad, but his we know. We don’t EVER want to be in charge of security for a World Cup. That’s a job too big, difficult and expensive for even the near-genius brain trust of T.A.H. to figure out. That said, we really don’t want to be in charge of security for a World Cup held in the Middle East – anywhere, not Qatar not anywhere else in that neck of the woods.

We don’t know the politics of Qatar, but we do know it’s attached to Saudi Arabia and that simply means it’s half a world closer to extremists that might be looking to launch terrorist attacks on the world stage. It’s not a political or cultural issues, it’s one of geography and proximity.

That said, Qatar is an oil and gas rich country with a population of approx of 1.6 million. They can certainly afford to host the World Cup and the stadiums and locations look quite spectacular, but what is a nation of that size going to do with a dozen giant (hopefully air conditioned) stadiums when the WC is over?

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, will they allow vuvuzelas?

This week officials in Qatar showed FIFA inspectors the designs for a dozen stadiums it plans to build or upgrade for the 2022 World Cup, including one that pulsates with light, one inspired by a sea urchin and one modeled after an Arabic fort.


(Photos by Qatar 2022 via Getty Images)

Part 2: Soccer Things That Make You Go…


Speaking of soccer.

This is a test. It’s not a real emergency, it’s just a test.

(But if you blow it, your T.A.H. privileges will be revoked by our top secret mini-cyber robots)

Please look at the photo and tell us which soccer player is the counterfeit.

Evidently, last week the Bahraini national “football” team hosted a team from Togo (a small East African country which is the meat in the sandwich of Ghana and Benin) in an international friendly at Bahrain National Stadium in Riffa. The Bahrainis won the match 3-0, and not long after Tongolese sports officials said “Huh?” – Well they said it in Tolgolesian, but you get the point.

They have since been quoted as saying the national squad had not been sent to Bahrain, and that the game, which Bahrain won 3-0, had been played with a team masquerading as the national squad.

Togo football association spokesman, Seiyi Memene, said the team was "completely fake".

Suspicions first arose when the Togolese team didn't seem to know what they were meant to do and were missing some of their regular first team players such as Manchester City's Emmanuel Adebayor.

"The players may not have been professional footballers or even Togolese nationals," said Bahrain's coach Josef Hickersberger.

"They were not fit enough to play 90 minutes -- the match was very boring."

Turns out the Bahrainis were sold a bill of good by an unscrupulous “agent.”

(ANSWER: Really? Isn’t it obvious?)

Pictures of the Day

KICK O’ THE DAY. In keeping with the soccer theme,  Emil Dica (C) of CFR 1907 Cluj fights for the ball with David Abraham (L) of FC Basel during their Champions League football match in Cluj Napoca city, 480km northwest from Bucharest, on September 15, 2010.  (Photo by Daniel Mihailescu/AFP/Getty Images/Topshots)
HEADER, FOOTER, FACIAL? We’re not sure which. AC Milan's Gianluca Zambrotta (L) fights for the ball with Auxerre's Ireneusz Jelen during their UEFA Champions League football match at San Siro stadium in Milan on September 15, 2010. AC Milan defeated AJ Auxerre 2-0. (Photo by Olivier Morin/AFP)
A LITTLE FREAKY AT BEST.  The background that is…Was there a “Woody” in Cars? Jay Gibbons #31 of the Los Angeles Dodgers dives in vain for a double hit by Aubrey Huff #17 of the San Francisco Giants in the eighth inning at AT&T Park on September 15, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Huff scored later in the inning to give the Giants a 2-0 lead. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dinich’s Lunchtime Links for Tuesday

You know we are big fans of Heather Dinich’s work over at ESPN. One of our favorite things about her blog it her “Lunchtime Links” which she posts daily during football season. This is exactly the type of thing the crack staff at T.A.H. should be doing, but evidently we are all too busy working and chauffeuring kids around. So, props to Heather and we are delighted that ESPN is paying you for your good work.

*Duke is preparing for Alabama fans. This is exactly what Duke wants, and the program turned down some mad cash to get it.

*Miami's loss? Maddening to some.

*Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson wants to see some better blocking -- from everybody. *Clemson will face one of its toughest environments of the season on Saturday at Auburn

*The Jackets have very few reminders of last year's ACC title because they don't want to feel any sense of entitlement.

*The Hokies can't afford another loss.

*The biggest win in JMU history wasn't exactly shocking to the Dukes. And Bud Foster's tirade shouldn't come as any big surprise, either.

*Don't shoot the messenger -- The ACC can't get much worse.

The U Tweets “No More Twitter”

According to the AP, the 17th-ranked Hurricanes have been told to stop using accounts on the popular social network, the university’s athletic department said Tuesday— making the announcement…wait for it…wait for it – via their own Twitter feed.

“Football program has asked players to shut down Twitter accounts. Goal is to limit distractions & focus,” was the statement posted on the athletic department’s account, (at)hurricanesports.

Nice, Miami, NICE!

Several of Miami’s top players have been prolific posters on Twitter, including quarterback Jacory Harris, defensive tackle Marcus Forston and defensive back DeMarcus Van Dyke. It’s unknown how many players had accounts.

Miami isn’t the first team to put a Twitter ban in place.

Perhaps most notably, No. 3 Boise State was told by coach Chris Petersen this summer that players were not permitted to use the social site, also in an effort to limit distractions.

“It’s just a distraction that we just don’t really need to have right now. There’s plenty of time in their lifetime for Twitter,” Petersen told the Idaho Statesman last month.

Shannon addressed Twitter and other social media with players earlier this season, telling them to be cautious about posting their whereabouts and too many personal details. He also urged them to not do anything that could harm their reputations, noting that items posted on Twitter and Facebook aren’t easily erased.

Quote of the Day

"And I thought our depth in the defensive line paid huge dividends in the second half because we were much fresher. And once again, I think the scheduling really hurt them. You can’t make light of that, I thought it was a huge factor in the game. I thought their kids weren’t mentally sharp in the second half, and that’s what usually happens. In the first quarter, you can fake it for awhile. I thought they really were not as sharp mentally or physically in the second half.”

-- James Madison University head coach Mickey Matthews on the impact of the Hokies short work week after playing #3 Boise State on Labor Day.

(Photo by

The Other Quote of the Day

"You put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she's going to want somebody. I don't know what kind of woman won't, if you get to go and look at 53 men's (bodies). I know you're doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I'm going to cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I'm sure they do the same thing."

--Redskins running back Clinton Portis after learning that Azteca TV reporter Ines Sainz was allegedly harassed at a New York Jets practice.

(Photo courtesy of To see more, click here.)

Pictures of the Day

NO CALL. While we recently groused about two fade routes thrown to Redskins receiver Anthony Armstrong on second and third and goal, this shot makes it look like an interference penalty could have been called on  the Cowboys Mike Jenkins. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

NICE BUNCH OF BIMBOS. The Mexican soccer team Chivas Guadalajara is sponsored by Grupo BIMBO the largest bakery in the world. The company was formed in Mexico in 1945, and the name "Bimbo" has no specific meaning in Spanish.
THAT’S NOT NICE. Ohio State Buckeyes running back Dan Herron does a handstand after diving in for a touchdown against the Miami Hurricanes on Sept. 11 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus. Ohio State defeated Miami 36-24. (Photo by John Biever/Sports Illustrated)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hokie Joke of the Day

You had to see this coming...

Q: How many batteries does it take to light up Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium?

A: 1-AA

With props to George Latham "Choo Choo" Payne, JMU 79.

OK, Papa John's, Pony Up!

You know the drill, your local Papa John's offers up two free toppings for each touchdown scored by your favorite team.

So, Maryland beats Morgan State 62-3 complete with eight touchdowns. That 16 free toppings.  There are only 13 toppings on the menu.

Go figure.

PAC 10 Refs Screw Wahoos?

"Oops, my bad." -- The Pac 10

The Pac-10 officials involved in a controversial call during Saturday's UVa v. USC game have been reprimanded and will be removed from a future game assignment.

The Whoos ran a fake punt early in the second quarter Saturday night. Punter Jimmy Howell completed a pass to tight end Colter Phillips, who advanced to the USC 24 yard-line for what would have been a 36-yard gain. The play was nullified, though, after offensive guard Isaac Cain was whistled for an illegal block below the waist.

Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott announced in a press release that the officials responsible for the call had been disciplined for failure to apply the playing rules correctly. Blocking below the waist anywhere on the field by either team is illegal if the offense is lined up in a scrimmage kick formation, unless a kick is not made, according to the release.

"The officials recognized the mistake after the fact and apologized to the Virginia coaching staff," Scott said.

Wow, we bet that made everybody feel better.

According to the University, head coach Mike London will not comment on the action.

ACC Football Crashes and Burns

And just like that, we are at week three and ACC football is in the crapper. The conference started off with five teams in the AP Top 25 Preseason poll – Virginia Tech, Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Florida State – and now only Miami (who lost to #2 Ohio State) remains.

Nice, ACC, NICE!

The Hokies are, of course, the big shock starting out (0-2). To see what folks are saying courtesy of Gobbler Country, click here.

Miami, Florida State and Georgia Tech are all 1-1 and save for the Yellow Jackets losing to Kansas, nobody should be surprised by those records.

The Heels are 0-1 after a heart wrenching loss to LSU and they managed not to lose last weekend as they had a bye. They get Georgia Tech this weekend.

All the while this was happening, JMU, now #3 in FBS poll got 11 votes for the big boy poll. This marked the first time the Dukes had received any votes for the AP Top 25 poll. N.C. State, Clemson and BC also got votes so right now the league may not be making national headlines (at least good ones), but the in-conference matchups continue to look like entertaining games.

In this morning's Washington Post, John Feinstein (Duke) was nearly so nice about read his column, click here.

One Tar Heel Back In, One Hoop Deacon Out, One Hokie Hurt

UNC cleared senior running back Shaun Draughn for Saturday's game against Georgia Tech, according to the depth chart released Monday morning.

Draughn, the team's leading rusher in 2008, was one of 13 UNC players who missed the LSU loss because of the NCAA investigation into the program.

Over on the hardwood, Wake Forest junior center Tony Woods has been suspended indefinitely from the men’s basketball team, coach Jeff Bzdelik said in a statement today, “in order to allow him to devote his time and effort to address the allegations that he is facing.”

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, the incident happened on Labor Day. Woods is alleged to have kicked and pushed down Courtney Lorel Barbour, the mother of their 1-year-old child with whom he lives. Woods, 20, was charged with three misdemeanors: assault inflicting serious injury, assault on a female and assault inflicting injury in the presence of a child. According to the Journal, police said that Barbour sustained a lumbar spine fracture.

Virginia Tech starting defensive tackle Kwamaine Battle will miss the rest of the season after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee in Saturday's 21-16 loss to James Madison.

Battle, who started the first two games for the Hokies and made one tackle, will have surgery on Friday at Montgomery Regional Hospital in Blacksburg.

Things That Make You Go…


Alabama at Duke.


At Duke…

Alabama coach Lou Saban is already quoting from the Lou Holtz Aw Shucks Playbook saying, “They scored 48 points on a team that has been ranked in the top 20 (defensively) the last five years in Wake Forest. They're a very dangerous team because of their ability to throw the ball and score points."

What he didn’t mention was that not long after the Blue Devils won the shootout in Winston-Salem, the Crimson Tide made a pretty good Penn State team look helpless.

We wonder if Bobby B gave Coach Saban a few tips about Duke…? Something like this: “Well, you know, doggone it, we just showed up and won the dadburn game every time.”

Dear Mr. Snyder

CONGRATS, you finally got off the Cowboy schnide and ended a tiresome NFC East drought as well.

As they say in golf, there are no pictures on the scorecard, but you gotta admit that was ugly… mostly Cowboy UGLY. Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Basically, the Skins won the game on two plays. Props to D. Hall for forcing and recovering that fumble on the mind-blowingly STUPID play at the end of the first half. And props to Brian Orakpo for beating that Alex Barron kid so badly he had no choice but to put the game-losing SLEEPER HOLD on him.

The defensive did a pretty good job all around, but clearly Dallas’ offensive line was much better at run blocking that pass blocking. Actually, we were surprised by two things: 1) that Boys abandoned the run in the second half and 2) that Jim Haslett continued to use a defensive set on third and short yardage that includes one…count him…ONE down lineman. Give him credit, even though it didn’t work, he stuck with it.

Offensive play calling? No gripes, accept for the three pass plays (all incomplete) when it was first and goal at the five. Back-to-back fade passes to a guy named Anthony Armstrong was NOT amusing. McNabb to Armstrong (whoever he is) ain’t no Brady to Moss.

Speaking of McNabb, he was a bit off kilter. He made some big plays, but his stats were below is usual. He did suffer from three important drops – one by the normally sure-handed Santana Moss and two by the most overpaid player in the history of Redskins (OK, with the exception of Albert Hayensworth…and Deon Sanders…and Adam Archuleta…and Jeff George…and Jason Taylor…and…sorry, got distracted – you get the point) Mike Sellers who gets paid $1.3 MILLION to drop passes and miss blocks.

Speaking of blocking, I don’t know what Coach Shan did to Clinton Portis but he’s protecting McNabb like a CRAZY MAN. Fun stuff there.

The kicker looks good, but the punter NEITHER catches or punts all that well.

Michael Wilbon put it best this morning when he said this was exactly the type of game the Redskins ALWAYS lose and yet they found a way to win.

Well done. What up with those TEXANS beating the Colts? Guess we’ll show ‘em whose boss next Sunday.


Your Loyal Fan

P.S. Couldn't help but notice you had LeBron James in tow on Monday night.  You do know he is a BASKETBALL player, so don't give him a zillion dollar contract.

Picture of the Day

CAREER GRAND SLAM. Rafael Nadal of Spain falls to his knees in celebration of his win over Novak Djokovic of Serbia during their men's singles final on day fifteen of the 2010 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 13, 2010 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
HAPPY HOKIE. At least one Hokie was happy when football concluded this weekend.  DeAngelo Hall #23 of the Washington Redskins celebrates his touchdown during the NFL season opener against the Dallas Cowboys at FedExField on September 12, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  The other Hokie on the Redskins roster is 6-3, 310 lbs offensive guard Will Montgomery.  (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
INSULT TO INJURY? As if Hokie Nation wasn’t out of sorts enough, look who reappeared on the national stage in Sunday’s Packers v. Eagles game. When starter Kevin Kolb got hurt, former Hokie Michael Vick replaced him for the remainder of the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lincoln Financial Field on September 12, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  To his credit, Vick passed for 174 yards and a touchdown and ran for another 103 yards. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN.  Why not, it was that kind of weekend. Taka Higashino of Japan in action during the final day of the Red Bull XRAY freestyle motocross competition at Razorback Ridge, Picton on on September 12, 2010 in Maldon, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images AsiaPac)
PEEP HOLE. Mal Loye of Northamptonshire hits a boundary as seen through the hole in the press box window that he created with an earlier six, during the LV County Championship match between Sussex and Northamptonshire at the County Ground on September 9, 2010 in Hove, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe)

SURFS WAY UP. Wave riders paddle atop a mountain of water in Tahiti, near the village of Teahupo'o on the country's main island.  The waves at Teahupo'o, which means "broken skulls" in Tahitian, are formed when huge deep-water ocean swells traveling along the South Pacific crash against a shallow coral reef that sits about a quarter-mile from the shore.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

ACC Football Saturday

All said, not a great day for ACC football...

Above, James Madison fans (obvioiusly) celebrate their 21-16 win over 13th ranked Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010.

Saturday scores:

James Madison 21, VIRGINIA TECH 16 -- Holy cow. National Championship hopes snuffed out in six short days.  It could have been worse, it could have been raining...oh, wait, it was raining.

Kansas 28, GEORGIA TECH 25 -- Really? KU barely beat Poe Dunk State last weekend...

WAKE FOREST 54, DUKE 48 -- This one must have been fun to watch. It was 35-35 at halftime!

CLEMSON 58, Presbyterian 21 -- The party started well before halftime.

Oklahoma 47, FLORIDA STATE 17 -- Ug-leee.

BOSTON COLLEGE 26, Kent State 13 -- BC unimpressive at home.

Ohio State 36, MIAMI 24 -- Not as close as the final score appears.

MARYLAND 62, Morgan State 3 -- Da Terps clobber Da Bears.

N.C. STATE 28, UCF 21-- Big win for Wolfpack.

USC 17, VIRGINIA 14 -- Either the Wahoos are better than folks thought or the Trojans suck...or both.

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