Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T.A.H. Worldwide Media Headquarters Temporarily Relocating To "One Particular Harbor"

Alright kids, load the car…T.A.H. is taking its annual summer break.

This time we're headed off to the South Pacific where we will set up shop for a couple of weeks. That said, “setting up shop” does not include blogging about the ACC. Maybe the odd update, but don’t hold your breath. We will be back up and running on August 1st (after a solid week to 10 days recovery/rentry), just in time to get everybody all geeked up for football!

We leave you with these photos and this nice story about our travels to Moorea via Tahiti and then on to Bora Bora…

"Once upon a time there were three USC graduates from Newport Beach, CA that went to Tahiti to escape the rat-race. They were known as the “Bali Hai Boys”. To make a long story short – they ended up staying, founding a chain of resorts – Bali Hai Hotels, inventing the overwater bungalow used by many top of the line resorts and raising families with beautiful local Tahitian “vahines”.

One of these fabled men was Hugh Kelley and one can now have the opportunity to rent his family beach house (pictured) located on the north shore of the island of Moorea – just a 10 minute flight or 25 minute fast-ferry from the main island of Tahiti.

The location of this house is so idyllic that it was during a stay here that singer Jimmy Buffett was inspired to pen the song “One Particular Harbor”

Swaying coconut palms, views of the turquoise lagoon, your own private beach, the scent of tropical flowers and the whisper of the waves on the distant reef makes a true paradise..."

So we got that goin’ for us!

For more info click here and here.
(Photos from top: Bora Bora Yacht Club - ok, it's a bar with moorings; Bali Hai Boys Beach House in Moorea; Cooks Bay in Moorea - as in Capt. Cook; Bora Bora from the air; Bora Bora from the beach...)

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